Modern Collections

{page idea from Lissie and Lilly}

Lindsey's Collection

Kailey-Tracy's Collection

{I actually have Kailey-Tracy's meet shoes, but couldn't find a stock picture of them. And Kailey-Tracy is the name combo for the Kailey GOTY character and Beforever Julie's sister Tracy.}

Marisol's Collection

Jess's Collection

Nicki's Collection


Mia's Collection

Chrissa's Collection

Sonali's Collection

Gwen's Collection

currently n/a
Lanie's Collection

Kanani's Collection

McKenna's Collection

 Saige's Collection

Isabelle's Collection

Grace's Collection

Lea's Collection

Gabriela's Collection

Tenney's Collection 

Logan's Collection

Z's Collection

Luciana's Collection

{please note that this page isn't to brag, it's to help me keep track of all of the doll stuff I have lying around!} 

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