Historical Collections

{page idea from Lissie and Lilly}

Kaya's Collection

Felicity's Collection

Elizabeth's Collection

{I'm not sure if these outfits count on the bottom rung, they're replicas off of eBay}

Caroline's Collection
 Francisca's Collection
{Francisca is a Pre-Mattel Josefina doll}

Josefina's Collection

Cécile's Collection

Marie-Grace's Collection

Kirsten's Collection

Addy's Collection

Samantha's Collection
{my current Samantha is renamed Victoria and is a Pleasant Company Samantha doll}

Nellie's Collection

Rebeka's Collection

Kit's Collection

Ruthie's Collection

Nanea's Collection

currently n/a

Molly's Collection

Emilie's Collection

Maryellen's Collection

Melody's Collection

Julie's Collection

Ivy's Collection

{please note, this page isn't to brag or anything, one reason is because it's hard to keep track of all of the stuff lying around!}

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