My Doll Journey

I first became interested in American Girl dolls at the age of 7. I fell in love with Samantha first, and Kaya. But Marisol, the Girl of the Year 2005 was the one whom I decided was to be my first AG doll. I had a Collector's Lane doll by then, now either owned by our friend's little sister or our boy doll named Jim Moriarty {my younger sister Darrion had one as well, almost the same one in fact}. Our friends who lived down the street already had Samantha and Nellie, and Josefina and I'm sure more, I just can't quite recall.
   So in July of 2005 I had finally saved up enough money to purchase Marisol's starter collection {my Mom paid for the shipping and a hair brush for her, thanks Mom!}. Mari went everywhere with me, even to my Dad's work parties, because we have some pictures that his friends took of her there!
   Then in late 2005 I had enough money from my birthday to buy a new Just Like You doll, who looked like me! Melissa came home that November. I had stomach surgery that spring, but my Melissa was there with me.
    Then, in summer 2006 I again had saved enough money for a starter collection, this one was Jess's. I loved {and still do} her dearly. She will always be one of my favorites.
   Then in 2007 I fell in love with the A Life of Faith doll Violet {who bears a resemblance to me}. She went on sale at the Family Christian Stores, and I purchased her. I received another ALOF, Kathleen, for my birthday later that year.
   My sister Darrion was never very into dolls, but my parents gave her Just Like You #28 for ehr birthday, the closest look-a-like they currently had to her. She named her Diana originally, but I changed it to Danielle. She's a very close look-a-like to Marisol, so they became twins, even though Mari was technically three years older than her! D eventually also purchased a Pleasant Company Kirsten off of eBay and then Marie-Grace during a visit to the AG store.
   It took me awhile, but in the spring of 2009 I decided to purchase Elizabeth. I had a couple of Felicity's dresses, and I had no blonde doll, just brunettes. So even though I'd fallen in love with Julie when she'd been released, I got Liz.
   Another gift allowed me to purchase Girl of the Year {friend} Sonali {with free shipping!} in August of 2009. She was also a doll that I didn't have someone who looked similar.
   Then in 2010 I found out that the company that made the ALOF dolls was going out of business and that Family Christian Stores had purchased the rest of their stock of ALOF dolls. I bought Millie that winter, than Elsie that spring, then Laylie that summer. I managed to purchase several items from their various collections, but looking back I wish I'd purchased more. I still hope to complete their collections, but it will probably take a while :)
   I soon became slightly obsessed with Ivy, and was going to buy her from someone on Craigslist, but my friend {mentioned earlier} decided to give her to me as a gift. Ives came home with me after vacation in the fall of 2010.
   In August 2011 an American Girl Boutique and Bistro opened Washington State, I went with my friend Silence and I purchased my Rebeka the first time I ever went.
   That Christmas {2011} I fell in love with Josefina and her collection. I asked my parents for a lot of her stuff and the doll. But my parents don't buy me dolls ;) But my Grandma does :) She gave me Josefina on Christmas morning, and my parents gave me several of her things and Nina, her doll.
   That winter one of my friends who was {and still is} buying and selling doll things sold me her Pleasant Company Samantha and Pleasant Company Josefina. I changed Josefina 2's name to Francisca. I also changed Samantha's name to Victoria.
   Then I bought a tlc Kaya and Kit, along with two My Twinn cuddly dolls and Kaya's teepee and several things in her collection off of Craigslist. I still need to fix her hair, and tighten both her's and Kit's limbs.
And then McKenna made me love her from viewing gorgeous photos of her online. She came home from the American Girl store in summer 2012 with her starter collection.
   Then we were invited to my uncle's wedding in San Francisco, and then we headed south to Disneyland. It seemed fitting to purchase Julie at the American Girl Place in LA. Julie came home to Washington with me via plane. {And let me tell you, bringing Jules along on a plane is not easy! I had to carry her quite a bit, and put her in the dirty bins. Ack! Her poor lovely hair!}
   Next came the lovely Caroline in winter/spring of 2013. I'd wanted her from the moment she came out, she was gorgeous!
   Then I heard about Molly and Emily's archivement. I knew I needed them, so before our vacation to Oregon that year in October, Molly and Emilie came home, then went to Oregon with us.
   Then my grandma {who loved Saige} got me Saige as a birthday gift for my Sweet 16 that year. I managed to get most of her stuff {I'd guessed that she was getting me Saige for a long time, so I'd managed to get most of Saige's things}
   In April of 2014 I got braces, so I convinced my mom to let me buy Cecile as a comfort gift to myself. Unfortunately, I took a doll break for about a year after that, so Ruthie slipped out of my could-have-bought grasp, along with the rest of Cecile and Marie-Grace's collection that I didn't have. {I still plan on purchasing Ruthie second hand eventually, I just need a good price}. Isabelle and most of her collection {I bought one of her outfits in January} also slipped away.
  Then, when my sister and I were helping out at a friend's graduation party at our church {I had these little lanterns in my doll stuff, and the party was camp-themed} I saw all of my doll things and the doll flame inside my soul reignited! I dragged most of my stuff out of the attic where they were being stored and started organizing.
   My friend {who sold me Francisca and Samantha} had just gotten a huge GOTY lot of Craigslist, so I was hoping that she'd sell the Mia she got so I managed to purchase several Mia things, as well as Josefina's Bed and Kit's Bed, along with the guitar and a non-Ag chair for Caroline. I was in love again!
   Then I cooked up a scheme to earn my own money instead of spending money from my savings account! I washed all of our cars {we have 3, 2 cars and 1 truck} and my grandma's car so that I could earn enough money for Grace and her collection and hopefully Mia and Isabelle and her collection.
   Though I hadn't earned enough yet, I got Grace the week before we went to San Diego for a wedding, to bring her along as a vacation buddy.
   My friend who'd sold me Victoria and Francisca bought an Isabelle knowing I wanted her. I purchased her in September of 2015 with more car washing money.
   Then in June 2016 I bought new condition Mia and used Felicity from her, intending to replace Felicity's head to make her brand new! And only a few days later I went to a garage sale of a lady I'd already bought some AG clothes from and bought a gently used Nellie and a NIB Lanie from her.
    After I learned that for 2016's vacation we were going to go to Hawaii, I purchased Lea and her starter set from the AG Seattle store on Halloween to bring her along with me.
   In early 2017 I was at a store in my town that sells second hand AG stuff when I came upon a tlc Kanani and a couple of items from her collection. I bought her by trading some Amazon giftcards I'd been stockpiling since my birthday and Christmas.
   I started working at a Christian camp during summer 2017, and earned enough money {and then some} to buy Gabriela on Labor Day Weekend during a 3x points deal.
   As my 20th birthday approached, I was debating getting Addy as a present to myself, since she had been cubed however, that would mean ordering her off of AG's website, and not picking her out in person. When a free shipping deal came along I caved and bought her, along with her accessories and nightgown {and some Gabriela stuff and Julie's bun} and a 20% from an AGPlaythings board member sweetened the deal for me as well.

   I honestly don't really know what I'd be doing now if I didn't have dolls. I became interested in photography because of them, and sewing because of them, blogging because of them, hopefully youtubing because of them. I love each and every one of my dolls, and am forever grateful to American Girl for creating them.

Though I didn't intend to when I started getting dolls, I want to complete my BeForever doll collection, and add a PM Felicity {to be renamed Virginia} Ruthie, Maryellen, Melody, Nanea, BF Samantha {to be renamed Rosemary Jane} to my almost complete historical collection of dolls.
   I also intend to complete my Girl of the Year collection, adding Lindsey, Kailey{-Tracy}, Nicki, Chrissa, Gwen, and Luciana to my collection.

   I also intend to customize several dolls, and just use some as OC/canon/fandom characters, including; Clara Oswald, Rose Tyler, Amy and Rory Pond, River Song, Martha, Bill, {Doctor Who} Daisy-Rey, Sam-Finn, Poe {all Star Wars characters mashed with canon/oc characters} Susan, Linda, Jade, Annabelle, Ben, Seth, Lydia, Rhonda, etc.

   I also intend to collect A Girl for All Time dolls, Wellie Wishers, Hearts for Hearts {I have 9} and Hopscotch Hill {I have one, Logan}.

   I know it seems like a lot, but I love these dolls, and will work hard to get them.



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    1. Thanks :) It was a little scary for me to actually write it out, but I'm glad it turned out okay!

  2. This was so fun to read! :)


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