Friday, February 17, 2017

Felicity's Back from the Doll Hospital!

Felicity's back!

I sent her in to the Doll Hospital on January 27th, and received her back today, February 17th. I had a great experience sending her in from the Seattle AG store, the lady was very kind and helpful, and I hardly had to do anything.

I sent Felicity to the Doll Hospital to get a new head, and she got back today!

I felt like a little kid opening the doll hospital box and looking at her little certificate and get well card.

She even came with a little i.d. bracelet!

Her little socks are so sweet!

Isn't her hospital gown cute?

Look at her adorable little pincurls!

Welcome back, Felicity!

Have you ever sent you doll in to the Doll Hospital? What was your experience? Leave me a comment to let me know!
I'm going to send in Marisol once I have the funds. I have had a great experience with Felicity, and I do recommend using them, especially if you send them in via the AG store!


Willow and Felicity

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