Saturday, February 18, 2017

Felicity || Photoshoot

Since Miss Merriman returned to fair Pleasanton, she demanded to be properly photographed.

Her pincurls are so cute!

I adore this gown on her, it's just so classic!

I actually don't have her meet shoes, so these had to do 😉

 Her eyes though!

dress // Rose Garden Gown {original pleasant company meet}

Lovely eyes, Felicity.

 dress // Traveling Gown {mattel meet}

Her eyes go so well with her dress.

Her hair though.

Gotta love that apron, so detailed!

dress // Work Gown

I am so proud of this photoshoot!
Most pictures don't come out how I want, so I took a change with these and I'm really happy with them, and I hope you like them too!


Willow and Felicity


  1. Great photos! Felicity is gorgeous. :) I especially like the photos of her wearing the Work Gown.
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    1. Thank you! I love that gown too, I think it brings out her eyes.

  2. Lissie is such a beautiful girl. I'm so glad they brought her back!

    1. Me too! I hope she gets more in her collection soon.

  3. These pictures turned out amazing!! I love Felicity and her time period! I loved her clothes before they got retired, I hope the new ones AG releases are just as good! Fingers crossed! >.<
    Lydia's Dolls @

    1. Thank you so much! Her time period is actually my favorite! I really like her new meet dress, so hopefully AG can do the rest of her collection just as well :)


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