Tuesday, January 10, 2017

17 Doll New Years Resolution for 2017

1. Get Addy!
She's apparently archiving this year, so I need to get her as soon as I can 😀

2. Get the rest of Addy's available collection that I want (nightgown + lunch pail)

3. Get Gabriela!
4. Get Gabriela's Whole World Collection!
Yay, I can afford it this year! Unless they come out with something super expensive.

5. Get Felicity's head replaced!

6. Get Marisol's head replaced!

7. Sew at least 1 outfit for each doll!

8. Get at least one Wellie Wisher!

9. Get at least one A Girl for All Time doll!

10. Get a doll youtube!

 11. Get a doll instagram!

12. Get the rest of the Lea items I want!
Beach Accessories + Beach Picnic Set + girl satchel.

13. Post on my doll blog at least once every two weeks!

 14. Buy a doll thing off Craigslist!

15. Bring a doll with me on vacation!

16. Decorate for another birthday party with my doll stuff!
Did that a couple of summers ago, and I still have photos to post!

17. Get a Journey Girls doll!

Well, that's it! Hope I can get these done! What are your 2017 Doll New Years Resolutions? Let me know in the comments!