Saturday, October 28, 2017

Gabriela Photoshoot || Celebration + Take Flight Performance Outfits

Ayo! My family had a "stay-cation" (aka my Dad taking the week off) and we were doing day trips, and AG had their one day $15 sale for lots of stuff, so to Alderwood Mall we went! I grabbed both Gabi outfits, both Tenney outfits, Logan's outfit, and both of Maryellen's outfits.
   I don't have any of those dolls except for Miss Gabriela, so out into the October sun we went for a quick photoshoot!

Gabriela's Take Flight Performance Outfit $34 (I got it for $15)

I've decided that Gabi has a thing for wearing headbands across her forehead. I love the look on her, and it stays very well on her head!

Gabi walks to her performance, and she can't forget her bag!

Gabriela's Celebration Outfit $36 (I also got this for $15)

This really is a lovely piece, the criss-cross part is a little bit strange, though

"Don't you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine." ~ Taylor Swift "Ours"

"City of Stars, are you shining just for me?" ~ La La Land

Thanks for looking!



Friday, September 15, 2017

Name Help! Hearts for Hearts Shola Twins

Hey guys!

   So awhile ago I found a lovely Shola Hearts for Hearts doll at the thrift store, and even though I had her, I purchased her so that I could have twins. They were Rebeka's sisters, Hadassah {Hadi} and Sophia {Sophie} {based on Rebeka's book sisters, Sadie and Sophie}.
   But then Nanea came out, and she's got dark hair and hazel eyes, and I thought, "why not have Hadi and Sophie be Nanea's sisters? They look more like her than they look like Rebeka, anyway." So off to the forties they went!
   But they don't have names! I've read Nanea's books, and three of her friends are name Donna, Lily, and Dixie, so I thought that Dixie and Donna might be cute, but I was trying to find Hawaiian names for them instead. Dixie and Donna might be their first names and they could have Hawaiian middle names like in Nanea's books {her real name is Alice Nanea}. I'm having a tough time coming up with names, so if you guys want to take a shot, I'd love to hear your suggestions! I would like their names, whether typical forties names or Hawaiian, to start with the same letter and sound good together, and sound good with the last name Mitchell.

{I'm crabby about this picture because formerly Sophie, left, had a hair across her face and I spent like a half an hour editing it out, and it turns out the picture before this one is a lot better, and has no hair to edit out 😠}

Thanks in advance,

Willow and the Mitchell Twins

Monday, September 11, 2017

Meet Gabriela || GOTY 2017

I got Gabriela because of the 3x Rewards Points on September 4th, with the money I earned from working at Camp!

I adore her, she's so cute!

I got her, her accessories and pajamas. I also got her ears pierced.

I personally think she looks quite different from my other two Sonali molds, Sonali herself and Cecile.

I really love my Gabriela, and highly recommend her!

Let me know if you like these pictures!


Willow and Gabriela

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Off to Camp!

Hey guys! I'm back {again}.

   So I thought that I would have all summer to start my doll instagram {name suggestions welcome, by the way} to start improving my doll photography and editing skillz, but alas, 'twas not to be. As you can probably tell from the title of this post, I'm going off to camp!
   I'm going to be working at a christian camp as a counselor for basically two whole months, non stop {brownie points if you got that reference} so I will be posting very little 😔 {not that I, you know, post much anyways}

   I'll have access to my phone on weekends, and for an hour every day except for Monday, so if I get a comment I'll probably see it 😉

   I'm excited because it's my first real job, so I'll be earning money!!! I'll be {of course} spending a bit of that money on doll stuffs, mainly Addy and Gabriela stuff {sigh, no Tenney, Logan or Z for me 😢}. I'm also saving money towards buying Clara Oswald clothes off of eBay UK, because I love her stuff, but also because I might be going to England this fall! A family from our church is moving to Britain for a year, and they have 5 kids and just had a baby this last winter, so I'd be like a travel nanny. This may or may not happen, but I'm really excited!

   I'm debating which doll to bring, if I do go to the UK. It would be fun to bring a doll that the little girl could play with {she's 4 I think?} so if I have Gabriela by then she might not come along.

   Last thing, I got Kanani! I got her used from a vintage store here that has an AG section! She was $80, plus about $8 tax. I'm definitely sending her to the Doll Hospital for a new head, which will probably be from my camp money budget. I already have her meet dress {from a thrift store} so I'll be hunting for the rest of her meet outfit. I also bought most of her Luau outfit, minus the gourd things. I did do a small photoshoot with Kanani that I will hopefully be able to put up before I leave on Sunday for camp training, but knowing me...

   Marisol will hopefully join Kanani for a new head as well.

   Whew, that was a lot! Hope you all are having a great summer! What are you doing with your dolls?



P.S. that was just a random photo of Grace that I decided to throw in this post so that it would have a picture in it.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Lea and Rachel Clark + Animals || Family Profile

Miss Lea is such a lovely doll, as is her sister Rachel (H4H Lauryce) and their pets, Captain Slow the Sloth, Gally the Margay Cat, and Spock the Sea Turtle.

Lea and Rachel.

Leanna (Lea) Katlyn Clark is the American Girl 2016 Girl of the Year doll.
I purchased her on October 31st to bring with me to Hawaii.
Lea's middle name of Katlyn comes from a girl at the Awana I work at who looks like Lea and reminds me of her.
Lea owns the Fruit Stand in Pleasanton, and enjoys swimming, and snorkeling, and such with her cousin Kanani.

Rachel Clark is a Hearts for Hearts Lauryce doll purchased from Target.
She's gone through many different names, and as of yet has not received a middle name. I have several candidates, including River, Alex, and her "given name" Lauryce.
Rachel is named after Rachel from the Bible (Rachel and Leah) and a friend who happens to look rather like Lea and Rachel.
Rachel enjoys hanging out with her friends, sister, and cousin. She can often be found eating some fruit and Lea's Fruit Stand or licking a shave ice from her cousin Kanani's Shave Ice stand. She also enjoys snorkeling and is taking up paddleboarding under the guidance of Kanani. 

Captain Slow is Lea's pet sloth. He is named after James May from the shows "Top Gear" and "The Grand Tour".

All Captain Slow likes to do is lay around Lea's Rainforest House all day, under a blanket preferably.

Spock is Lea's pet sea turtle. He is named after the character of Spock from Star Trek. Melody {who adores Star Trek} may or may not have had a hand in naming him 😉

Gally is Lea's pet Margay Cat. Let me know who you think he's named after?

Gally likes to try and sneak up on the birds around Pleasanton, even attempting to go after Cécile's bird, Cochon and Addy's bird, Sunny, much to their dismay.

Lea and her pets.

*Shiver* it was really cold outside when taking these photos, even though there was sun. I miss summer so much!
If you look closely at Lea's knees, you'll notice some greenish marks. Those were from I believe the doll paddleboard that I had her jammed up against in my backpack in Hawaii, so I'll be treating her legs with zit cream soon.


Willow, Lea and Rachel

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Felicity || Photoshoot

Since Miss Merriman returned to fair Pleasanton, she demanded to be properly photographed.

Her pincurls are so cute!

I adore this gown on her, it's just so classic!

I actually don't have her meet shoes, so these had to do 😉

 Her eyes though!

dress // Rose Garden Gown {original pleasant company meet}

Lovely eyes, Felicity.

 dress // Traveling Gown {mattel meet}

Her eyes go so well with her dress.

Her hair though.

Gotta love that apron, so detailed!

dress // Work Gown

I am so proud of this photoshoot!
Most pictures don't come out how I want, so I took a change with these and I'm really happy with them, and I hope you like them too!


Willow and Felicity

Friday, February 17, 2017

Felicity's Back from the Doll Hospital!

Felicity's back!

I sent her in to the Doll Hospital on January 27th, and received her back today, February 17th. I had a great experience sending her in from the Seattle AG store, the lady was very kind and helpful, and I hardly had to do anything.

I sent Felicity to the Doll Hospital to get a new head, and she got back today!

I felt like a little kid opening the doll hospital box and looking at her little certificate and get well card.

She even came with a little i.d. bracelet!

Her little socks are so sweet!

Isn't her hospital gown cute?

Look at her adorable little pincurls!

Welcome back, Felicity!

Have you ever sent you doll in to the Doll Hospital? What was your experience? Leave me a comment to let me know!
I'm going to send in Marisol once I have the funds. I have had a great experience with Felicity, and I do recommend using them, especially if you send them in via the AG store!


Willow and Felicity

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

Grace was happy to be the model for these pictures, her outfit was perfect!

all of the pieces of Grace's outfit are from her collection // card was given to me by my friend.

 What did you do for Valentine's Day?
Did you dress your dolls in red and pink?
And what do you think of AG's Valentine's surprise? 
Nanea Mitchell! Suzie "Z" Yang! New Gabriela stuff!
Let me know in the comments!


Willow and Grace