Saturday, December 24, 2016

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve!

I sit here typing out this blog post when I should be cleaning my room/sewing/napping while kind of watching the Seahawks game. I'm really excited.... because it snowed yesterday! I managed to get some really fun pictures of some of my BeForevers, but sadly a few were accidentally deleted ­čś¬
I'll be sure to try and post if I get any doll things for Christmas. I just received my Lea order yesterday, I had to order some stuff during the free shipping bit because I hadn't bought the Lea stuff I wanted earlier in the year.

I straight up love Felicity's Christmas ensemble in the snow! The red and blue look so great!

I don't have Rebeka's meet hat, which would go with this coat, and I forgot about her muff, and practical shoes - she's wearing her heels.

Caroline enjoys skating on Lake Ontario when it freezes over. It's actually my driveway.

Elizabeth stays warm in her quilted cloak.

Let me know in the comments what doll stuff you asked for for Christmas!



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