Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Back from Hawaii {with Lea} || Part 1

   And I'm back! Hawaii was so warm compared to Washington weather 😰 

So some of these photos were taken when the sun was going down or already had gone down, so they're a bit grainy 😠 but I thought I'd post them anyways 😊

Lea at the beach.

Lea making sand angels!

Lea's going to take some pictures now 📷

Gotta love that butterfly clip 🎀

Lea sitting on her {borrowed} paddleboard.

Lea carrying the paddleboard.

Lea surfing on her paddleboard 🌊

Me and Lea! We're at the beach here, and the photos from this location are the two pictures at the top, and the first one with Lea and the paddleboard. Photo by my sister Darrion.

So we had a great time in Hawaii! I still have lots of pictures that I haven't edited, so stay tuned for those!
So for those of you who think that I should get an instagram, what should I call it? I'm thinking just plain fellowshipofthedolls, but what do you think? Comment down below and let me know!


Willow + Lea

New header after like, a whole year! Also, saw Moana last week, it's really awesome, especially after literally just being in Hawaii!


  1. Ah I'm glad you had a lovely time! Hawaii sounds so fun!! And these pics are amazing! That sounds like a great name for your instagram, hopefully no one have taken it already! >.< That happened to me. But it's nice to keep your blog and insta name the same so people know who you are :)
    Lydia's Dolls @ http://lydiasdolls.blogspot.co.nz

  2. Thank you, it was very fun :) I'm glad you like them! I've checked and I don't think that name is taken, and yes, that was my thought, to keep my usernames the same :)

  3. This is really cool! I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog! I LOVE LOVE LOVE paddleboarding and I'd love to do it in Hawaii one day (lucky Lea!)!
    ~ Light4theLord

    1. Thank you! I tried paddleboarding while I was there, then I fell in and lost my dad's sunglasses that I was borrowing. And they are still there to this day - true story.


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