Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Back from Hawaii {with Lea} || Part 1

   And I'm back! Hawaii was so warm compared to Washington weather 😰 

So some of these photos were taken when the sun was going down or already had gone down, so they're a bit grainy 😠 but I thought I'd post them anyways 😊

Lea at the beach.

Lea making sand angels!

Lea's going to take some pictures now 📷

Gotta love that butterfly clip 🎀

Lea sitting on her {borrowed} paddleboard.

Lea carrying the paddleboard.

Lea surfing on her paddleboard 🌊

Me and Lea! We're at the beach here, and the photos from this location are the two pictures at the top, and the first one with Lea and the paddleboard. Photo by my sister Darrion.

So we had a great time in Hawaii! I still have lots of pictures that I haven't edited, so stay tuned for those!
So for those of you who think that I should get an instagram, what should I call it? I'm thinking just plain fellowshipofthedolls, but what do you think? Comment down below and let me know!


Willow + Lea

New header after like, a whole year! Also, saw Moana last week, it's really awesome, especially after literally just being in Hawaii!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Off to Hawaii {with Lea!}

{photography by Darrion of Sincerely Darrion}

   Hey guys!
   Yep, you read right, I got Lea! I actually got her yesterday {Halloween} at the American Girl store in Seattle *cough* actually Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood *cough*. We didn't bring our camera to document the occasion, but I used my handy dandy smartphone to get some pictures of the process! Those will be below.
   So the reason I got then was so that I could bring her to Hawaii with me! See, my parents had a big anniversary this year, so they wanted to go somewhere fabulous. We originally were going to go on a cruise to Alaska, but between busyness and the desire for warmth, we ended up with plane tickets to Hawaii!
   I'm excited to say that I will be bringing Lea, and hopefully will be taking lots and lots of pictures of and with her! We'll be going to the beach {!} and a luau {!!} and probably hikes or something.
   So I bought Lea's Exclusive Collection, so Lea, her accessories, her beach dress and then her swim set. I'll also be bringing her hiking outfit, which I bought in August.

{now for the phone photos. all photos of yours truly are by my sister Darrion. except the selfie.} 

Me and human Lea! I did have to lean down a little to get this photo, which is a rarity for me :)

I was going to lunch in a few minutes, so took a photo so that I'd be able to remember which doll I'd picked so I could buy her when I came back. I actually ended up buying her about twenty minutes later as opposed to an hour later after lunch, and debated the one I'm pointing to above and another Lea, but ended up picking the Lea I'm pointing at.

Since it was Halloween, there was this photo op thing set up, but no one using it. I took the opportunity to get some silly pictures.

Me and Lea.

Me and Lea again.

   So I will {hopefully} be posting some of the pictures I get of Lea {and me!} in Hawaii when I get back. I can't really post on my phone {yet} and I don't have a laptop {yet as well}.
   Let me know in the comments of you like the silly pictures I took at AG and if you'd like me to do more like them in the future! Also let me know down below if you think I should get an doll instagram!