Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Getting Grace || Part One

photography and {most} editing by my sister darrion, {sincerelydarrion.blogspot.com}

Here's Miss Grace in her box!{I swear I went through almost every Grace in the store to find one that had eyes that weren't funky looking.}
That's my issue with blue-eyed dolls, you can tell if they have wonky eyes {you can also tell with hazel eyes pretty well, but not as much}.
Her full name is Gracelynn Elisha Thomas.
I did a video review of when me opening her at home for the first time since the store, so my reactions are pretty fresh, I hadn't really done much with her yet.
Unfortunately, the video didn't focus properly, but I'm still planning to post it someday, once I figure out how to edit it. I keep touching her hair in the video, because it's so darn smooth and silky!
Grace also headed down to Southern California for my cousin's wedding in the beginning of August, but I didn't really get any pictures of her there {dumb, huh?}.
So the first day I got her, I wasn't really up for a photoshoot, so my sister grabbed our camera and Grace and got some awesome shots of her. And because I'm too lazy to edit them, she's been doing that as well.

Stay tuned for Part Two! And stay tuned for pictures from my friend's doll collection, more AG store photos, and Maryellen's store photos {soon} !