Thursday, July 2, 2015

American Girl Visit || Girl of the Year Grace

   Hey guys! You know how I promised you pictures from American Girl? Well, here they are!
   My younger sister Darrion { } can sometimes be bored at AG, so she'll take charge of our camera and take pictures of stuff for this blog for me, so all of these photos are by her.

   We didn't get photos of all of Grace's stuff, but D got lots of cool pictures of Grace's Patisserie and Pastry Cart! We had to get home soon, because it was like, six at night, that's why there aren't very many people around.

La Patisserie was smaller than we {me, my grandma and D} thought it was going to be. It's still pretty big, but small than you would imagine.
 The stuff in it is adorable though, as you will see.

Look! It's my hand! Hi hand!
{I have small hands and short fingers if you think that it looks like a kid's hand}

Grace in her Opening-Night Outfit and Pastry Cart, in a display case I might add.

{Those are awful for taking pictures through. Don't ever use flash with those things. You'll go blind.}

These D took on the outside of the store in the outdoor walk area.

And this is yours truly pointing at the new #62, my closest look-a-like doll yet! Of course, Melissa is the look-a-like doll that I own {#25} but this new doll, whom I've dubbed Serena Matthews, is the one who resembles me most.

What do you think?
{My skin looks paler from the light than it probably does in real life, by the way}

Overall we had a fun time at AG, I enjoyed getting an up close look at stuff that I haven't seen as of yet. I purchased Caroline's Nightgown and Caroline's Spencer and Bonnet, which I will be photographing soon.

We will be heading back to AG soon to go to the cafe and to buy some more stuff with my friend who hasn't been there in a while. I will probably be buying more Caroline stuff, so that I'm prepared when she's imprisoned in the archives. So look out for that someday.
It takes half an eternity to watermark and edit these photos. I'll be working on editing the BeForever photos D took as well, so look out for those too. And a Nahji Jasmine photoshoot.



  1. Well, I think for the doll look-alike, the Josefina mold would work better... but the hair looks dark enough :) Wonderful pictures, I must say... you have such a talented sister ;) But seriously, those foodies were hard to get with the lighting. And yes, you seemed to have a fun time telling me what to do (i.e. take a picture of this, that, and that...).

    1. Anything else you'd like to add ;) {that was sarcastic by the way}. I think Serena is perfect to be my look-a-like, go ahead and try to change my mind :)

  2. Thank you for the up close pictures of the bakery! It was really neat to see each piece up close in detail :)

    1. You're welcome {from both of us} :)


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