Sunday, June 28, 2015

Family Profile || the Matthews || Sonali and NJ

Sonalia Anjali Matthews {Sonali} age 17, and Nahji Jasmine Matthews {NJ} age 8.

Sonali's family came to America from India several generation ago, and they're quite a hardworking family! They were the "Untouchables" in the Indian caste system. America was the Land of Opportunity for them, and they've done well for themselves.
But they never forgot what their ancestors went through, so Sonali's parents adopted little Nahji Jasmine from an orphanage in India.

The Matthews are an entrepreneurial family, and they run the bistro in the town of Pleasanton. Sonali enjoys cooking for the bistro while NJ hostesses and takes phone orders, while Jess is the waitress. Sonali hopes to hire someone be the cook so she can take over NJ's job and let her little sister hang out with her friends and do her homework.

Sonali is my boho girl, and loves the gypsy style that entails. She's determined to decorate her apartment and her bistro with that style in mind. She can get rather bossy, and always knows what to do. Her motto is "Keep Calm and Carry On". Her best friend's name is Chrissa.
I bought Sonali with some gift money with a free shipping deal in August of 2009.

 NJ is a sweet, if a bit mischievous little girl. She always is ready to help her sister and her friends. Her best friend's name is Dell, and she lives far away currently, but has plans to come and move in with the Matthews temporarily.
Nahji Jasmine was my 3rd Hearts for Hearts doll, after Perrine and Lily. She's probably one of my favorite H4Hs, simply because she's so cute!

Matthews family selfie! Couldn't help myself ;)

What other family profiles should I do?
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  1. Gorgeous photos! I loved this post. Definitely do more!

    - Ellie

    1. Thank you Ellie! Who do you think I should do next?

  2. These pictures are so cute and I liked getting to know your new dolls!:) Sonali is gorgeous!:) I think it would be fun if you made profiles for dolls you don't have yet, but plan to get!:)

    1. Thank you Emma! I do love my 'Nali :) Which doll should I do next?


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