Monday, February 16, 2015

In Which I Speak {Once More} of Kaya + Mosi

  There was someone who disliked my use of "Kaya Atonmy". Again. Unfortunately {or fortunately, whichever you choose} the link had an extreme curse word in the title, so I had to delete the comment which held it.

   I skimmed through the post, and found that it was about Kaya. I actually agreed with a lot of the article {though the swearing should never be in a post about American Girl dolls. Young girls read them, and no one needs to see those words. Ever.} But then she got personal and said something rather rude about yours truly. Yes, moi. Because of me naming my doll Kaya Atonmy.
   Look peoples, I named my doll Kaya Atonmy. Leave Me Alone. I also made Mosi Kaya's sister, because in my doll town I didn't want her to have to live by herself. Why is this such a big darn deal? Plus, I can't help saying this but, SINGING BIRD IS A DIFFERENT DOLL. She's a Gotz-type doll that I named Singing Bird, whose real name is Fidelia. This person accuses me of naming Mosi Singing Bird. I actually had to dig back into my archives to double-check. I was actually planning on naming Mosi "Speaking Rain". Burn, baby, burn.

   Final point: We can name all of our dolls whatever we like. Leave us alone, please. And get a life if you feel the need to nitpick my choices. Or do it in private, but not in public. This is creativity, people! Be creative!! And please don't swear.

I feel the need to name her Speaking Rain :)


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