Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Why Kaya Atonmy?

Kaya'aton'my is her real name. The way I've pronounced it since I was seven years old was "Kaye-uh-uh-toe-n-my" which probably isn't right, but it's how I say it {no comment about I pronounced both Nez Perce and Tatlo wrong for over seven years (:}.

It has come to my attention that people are curious about why I've named my Kaya doll "Kaya Atonmy" when it isn't her book proper name. The same as with Rebeka and Emilie, I've changed the spellings of some of my dolls' names. The reason I do this to make me feel like I've named them different from the crowd. Most of my girls have retained their "book names" excepting the two above. I think it's a creative thing, and the fact that I rebel like that sometimes is just how I get it out :) I also extend the full names, Emilia {Emilie} Mollyanna {Molly} Juliette {Julie} Ivette {Ivy} Sonalia {Sonali} and Jessica {Jess}. Sometimes lamely, sometimes not :)

All of my Hearts for Hearts girls have been renamed, Perrine {Rahel}  Hadassah {Shola} River Melody {Lauryce} Erika {Zelia} and the "names ever so slightly changed" Lilia {Lillian} and Nahji Jasmine {Nahji} and "the names not changed at all really" Mosi, who has of yet to be given a full name.

So the reason I wrote this post is to explain that it doesn't matter if you rename the dolls. That's creativity. And it gets rather annoying to have people ask me about it.

You wanna know why?

Here's why.

Ourdolls.net did. The most famous doll website arguably in doll website history. {Also, I own a doll couch that was owned by a friend of the Gothard Sisters and they played with it. Burn! (:}
They've named their Kaya Kaya Atonmy. Yep, that's why I did it. Basically, because it gave her a last name and it sounded cool.

Here's a photo of Mosi to raise your spirits :)

And have no fear, my photography tips + tricks is about 1/4 of the way done, and I hope to finish it over Christmas break!

Merry Christmas Adam {because Adam was created before Eve, get it?}!


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