Thursday, December 4, 2014

Perrine Photos + Updates + Questions for Christmas

Hey guys, it's been only a little while since I posted my belated "welcome Cecile" type photoshoot,
but I have more!

But let's get down to business {to defeat the Huns..} first.

I've gotten more headshots {way better quality and composition} up on my "Meet the Fellowship" page. I have new ones for Perrine, River, Erika, McKenna, Molly, Emilie, Saige, Nahji Jasmine, and Mosi, though the ones with N.J. and Mosi are not as good quality because they were taken with our old point and shoot. Yay! So go check them out and tell me if you like them!

Here's the next thing,


and Nyesha.

I was kind of wondering if I should ask for these lovelies for Christmas from my Grandma. She likes dolls a lot, but I haven't really been dolling lately, so she hasn't either, I suppose :) But because of the rareness of the other H4Hs that I have, like River {Lauryce} and Mosi and Hadassah {Shola} and even the "originals" are all really expensive! I'm waiting to go back to dolling after I finish our new craft studio and learn to sew, and get all my cosplay stuff sewn and bought. But I do love those little dolls, they're so cute!
Who would they become after they joined the Fellowship?
Surjan would become Ana, like in Rebeka's books.
Nyesha would probably become Monette from the Marie-Grace/Cecile books.

And here's a couple photos of Perrine to satisfy you until I can do proper photoshoots with my little girlies.

~Willow and the Fellowship

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