Monday, December 1, 2014

Cecile Photoshoot

Here are some old photos I shot of Cecile when I first got her in April, right after I had my braces put on.

I edited this one a bit to make the colors darker and get rid of some of the cloud light that was there.

This one is focused on her pendant, in which unfortunately the pearl was not the focus, more of the chain.

With Cecile's hat, I angled in on our front porch step to give the photo some interest, and when I edited it, I left the rose unedited to give it the center stage. I tried cropping it to work with the Rule of Thirds, but didn't like the outcome.

I love this one because of the subtle hints of loveliness, including Cecile's glove, her rosettes and pendant. Accessorizing is the thing!

Unfortunately, this one is focused to the very left, on Cece's hair. But I love the little yellow pansy {out of focus} and the implication that Cecile is looking at the flower.

I darkened the colors to take away some of the pale light that was present, and I'm loving the outcome!

I love how in this photo Cecile seems to be curtseying :)

Did you like the photos of Cecile?

Do you want some photo tip posts?

Let me know!

~Willow and the Fellowship

Postscript || I hope to receive both of the new Hearts for Hearts dolls, Nyesha and Surjan. Nyesha will be renamed to Monette and go to live with Cecile and Co., while Surjan will be renamed Ana and go to live with Rebeka and Vi.


  1. Cecile is so pretty! I love your blog : )

    1. Thank you, Kathryn! What do you like about it?

  2. Really cute pictures, I loved them! Cecile is beautiful.


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