Thursday, August 14, 2014

{No, I'm Not Dead}

   Wow.... that was four months ago that I posted. Oopsie!

   Anyway, I'm here to say {or write/type, whichever you prefer} that I'm taking a small doll-break. I've been doing doll-ness since I got Marisol in July of 2005, and spending nearly all of my money on new dolls and new clothes.

   So I'm taking a break.

   Don't freak out, I'm not selling anything or giving anything away. I'm just not concentrating on them right now.

   See, it happened because I wanted a Clara Oswald doll. I am probably going to customize a #23 to give her not-screen-accurate green eyes, eventually. And then I wanted to sew her wardrobe, and I saw all of this Clara cosplay stuff, and I got involved. So now I cosplay as Clara, but the Clara doll is at the moment on hold. As is Amy, {older} River, Ten, Eleven, Rory, Sherlock, and John. I know, quite a list.
   But I thought I'd give you something so you'd know I wasn't dead.

   Here's an old picture of Caroline that I took of her dressed up as Eowyn from Lord of the Rings.

So here's my question:

Who should I make Galadriel dresses for? Caroline or Julie? Or even future Isabelle, if I get her?

Should I do Tauriel {even if I don't like her character much} with Saige or future Amy #61?

Should Melissa {#25} by Arwen?


Tell me!



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