Saturday, March 22, 2014

My New Hearts for Hearts Girls // Erika {Zelia} and Consuela

Hey guys!

Long time no blog.

So my mom, my sis D and I were at Value Village on Thursday before choir, looking for southern belle gowns for a play we're in in a couple of weeks.

I checked the toys section, and lo and behold....

I found Consuelo! I have renamed her Consuela Rosa Montoya, Josefina's little sister.

I have nicknamed her Connie, and she was a $5 steal {though only with her meet skirt and top}. 

She also has nail polish on each hand and foot, so I'll need to use nail polish remover on her.

Aren't they adorable?

Than my dad and I were on datenight, I was feeling pretty happy about Connie, so I thought about maybe getting another H4H. And here she is.

I have renamed her from Zelia to Erika Pond.

She's named after our friend Erika, because she has red hair.

By the way, the new H4H girls coming out soon will be purchased and renamed Monette {Nyesha} and Ana {Surjan}.

Also by the way, I've watermarked these photos on this post, so if you want to pin these, you're welcome to :) But please link back to ma blog.


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