Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Let's Ring in the New Year

Hey everyone! That fabulous photograph is of Miss Saige and yours truly.

I'll bet you can guess one of the things I got from this photo.

Please don't get me started on her headband. Too short. The band part just wasn't long enough. Or tight enough. Emilie's headband practically glues itself to her head the minuted you wrestle it onto her noggin. And then this MAG one's idiotic tag sticks out almost as long as my pointer finger {I'm not kidding}. So you can see it tucked into Saige's hair twist. So if you got it or are going to get it, make sure to keep and eye on her headband.

Saige looks lovely in her new gold Christmas dress. I switched out the flats for her gold boots though. The stupid flats didn't want to go onto her foot, which is why...

Sonali's wearing the flats with Saige's Special Dress. The thing on her wrist, by the way, is a stretchy ring that, well, stretched for her wrist. Sonali's coloring is utterly suited for that dress, so if you have Sonali or her look-a-like, and this dress, get it on her pronto.

Emilie received Molly's Pajamas. I can't remember what they're called at the moment {and I'm way too lazy to go find a catalog to check} unfortunately, but they are her pjs. Emilie looks adorable in them, and has claimed them for herself. Molly is currently wearing Emilie's pjs, but sh looks quite cute in those herself.

And last but not least, Saige's Tunic Outfit, modeled by McKenna. Honestly, I didn't/still/don't like this outfit a whole lot. It's very cute, but it didn't seem to work super well with Saigey. I decided that McKenna would be cuter in it, so she has claimed it.

Isn't 'Kenna's hair adorable? Our friend Ammelia Gabriella did it. Those of you who read our story blog will remember her. Her hair is supposed to be elven-styled, if I remember correctly.

And that's all, folks! At least, all that I got that's dollish.

Don't forget to check out my friend and my doll blog, {Everything AG with Silence and Willow}, where we will discuss Isabelle. 

Also, I will take photos from the American Girl store and chat about my personal opinions of them {like her stupid sports-bra thing}.

Merry New Year!



  1. I love Kenna's hair!!! It's so pretty and elvish!
    Ugh, yes, why would they give a supposedly 9-11 year-old girl/doll a sports bra??? AG needs to stay sweet and modest and real, not hip and popular....

    1. Christina: Thank you! I love it and need my friend to show me how to do it. Maybe I could get her to do a tutorial... Anyway, did you notice that almost the only mix-n-match thing that wasn't made for girls was that "cropped" top? I wonder if they'll have it in the movie.

  2. Love it! I need to figure out Kenna's hairstyle so I can use it on my hair ;)

  3. Oh I love Kenna's hair too! I went and saw the Desolation of Smaug yesterday, and I LOVE the elves... especially Tauriel and Legolas!!! I vowed I would do some elvish hairstyles on my dolls... looks like you beat me to it!!! ;)


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