Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Family Profiles // the Travillas

This is my doll-ightful doll family from the Edwardian Era {1901 through about 1916}.

From left to right

Rebeka Atira Rubin - Samantha Mary Parkington - Hadassah Shola Rubin
 - Violet Adelaide Travilla  Melissa Melody Travilla

Rebeka was purchased by me at the American Girl store in Seattle {Alderwood Mall} the first time I went in 2011.
She has just decided to become a time traveler and is waiting for me to make her a Tardis.

Samantha was purchased by me third-hand from a friend who bought her off Craigslist in early 2012.
 I'd been wanting a Samantha since I was seven years old. Then finally, I had my wish. She is a Pre-Mattel Sammie, so she's a lovely older doll. She's a sweet personality, and loves watching over the younger girls.

[Note: Her skin isn't actually like that, it's the lighting]

Hadassah Shola Rubin was a long-expected purchase by me from Amazon with a long-awaited-to-spend giftcard in 2013.
She came from Russia to America to find work. She, interestingly enough, came to the Travilla house to be a maid, and found her cousin Rebeka instead! Now she lives like a little princess, as Vi has taken her under her wing. Little Haddi is very sweet and amiable, and loves playing dolls.

Vi Travilla was a long hoped for buy by me in 2008 when she went on sale at the Family Christian Stores. She is a close match to my appearance, excepting that her skin is pale and mine is tanned. Her hair is virtually the exact same color as mine.
She is the rich person in the neighborhood of Pleasanton, and is the  Headmistress of the school. Her personality is in command, though kind.

Melissa was my second AG, bought by me just after she came out in 2005.
She is now Vi's little sister, and has a twin sister named Melinda Harmony {get it?}.
She loves music, and plays as many instruments as she can.

So that's my Family Profile. Though all of these girls aren't Travilla's, they all live in Vi's house, so it's easier to group them that way.



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