Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Family Profiles // The Atonmys

From Left to Right // Singing Bird // Mosi // Kaya

Singing Bird Atonmy was purchased by me at the Vision Forum 50% off sale at the end of November 2013. I've been wanting her on and off for about a year or so, because she'd make a gorgeous Native American doll. 
Her personality is sweet but stern, and she watches over Mosi like a hawk.

Mosi Atonmy was purchased by me/my/Dad along with Lauryce {now renamed Kimberlie} from Target in July. She was kind of an impulse buy because I was a bit broke at that second, but my awesome Dad helped me out, thanks Dad :)
Her personality is sweet but mischievous, and she can easily get away with a lot because she's adorable.

Kaya Atonmy was a Craigslist buy {along with Kit} by me in summer of 2012. Unfortunately, her legs are veeerryyy loose, and I need to replace her wig.
Her personality is brave and a bit quirky, but she enjoys hanging out with Mosi and Singing Bird.

I apologize for the not-as-awesome-quality photos, the light wasn't that good for these pictures.

Hope you enjoyed that family profile!


Postscript // Please do not pin/share these photos. I will be glad to watermark them for you if you wish to. Just let me know in a comment.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Family Profiles // the Travillas

This is my doll-ightful doll family from the Edwardian Era {1901 through about 1916}.

From left to right

Rebeka Atira Rubin - Samantha Mary Parkington - Hadassah Shola Rubin
 - Violet Adelaide Travilla  Melissa Melody Travilla

Rebeka was purchased by me at the American Girl store in Seattle {Alderwood Mall} the first time I went in 2011.
She has just decided to become a time traveler and is waiting for me to make her a Tardis.

Samantha was purchased by me third-hand from a friend who bought her off Craigslist in early 2012.
 I'd been wanting a Samantha since I was seven years old. Then finally, I had my wish. She is a Pre-Mattel Sammie, so she's a lovely older doll. She's a sweet personality, and loves watching over the younger girls.

[Note: Her skin isn't actually like that, it's the lighting]

Hadassah Shola Rubin was a long-expected purchase by me from Amazon with a long-awaited-to-spend giftcard in 2013.
She came from Russia to America to find work. She, interestingly enough, came to the Travilla house to be a maid, and found her cousin Rebeka instead! Now she lives like a little princess, as Vi has taken her under her wing. Little Haddi is very sweet and amiable, and loves playing dolls.

Vi Travilla was a long hoped for buy by me in 2008 when she went on sale at the Family Christian Stores. She is a close match to my appearance, excepting that her skin is pale and mine is tanned. Her hair is virtually the exact same color as mine.
She is the rich person in the neighborhood of Pleasanton, and is the  Headmistress of the school. Her personality is in command, though kind.

Melissa was my second AG, bought by me just after she came out in 2005.
She is now Vi's little sister, and has a twin sister named Melinda Harmony {get it?}.
She loves music, and plays as many instruments as she can.

So that's my Family Profile. Though all of these girls aren't Travilla's, they all live in Vi's house, so it's easier to group them that way.



Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Isabelle Photos at American Girl // Photos by Darrion // Thoughts by Willow // Part One

[Note: All photos are by Darrion Marine and myself. Please do not pin or use in a blog. We would be glad to watermark them for you if you would like to share them.]

Isabelle's Starter - $259

If you can excuse the fact that I choked when I saw the price, honestly, this isn't that awesome. There is no deal. Ooo, you can get all of that stuff! You save literally no money. Maybe on the sales tax {which in this state is nuts} but that really doesn't even count. Oh, and notice how small the little dance case is. Just a note.

Isabelle Doll - $120

I don't know if it's the lighting in the store or something, but Izzie's hair wasn't at all what I expected. Online, it seemed golden and silky. In real life it was more slightly rough-ish and not-golden. It was blonde, but not the same blonde I expected. The highlights - I highly doubt my parents would let me dye my layered hair half hot pink if I was 10. I'm not ten now, of course, think mid-teens, but I doubt my parents would let me do that now, much less then {my hair would be really hard to die anyway, you'd have to bleach it {my hair is a very dark brown, most people think it's black} and then dye it}.

Isabelle's Meet Outfit

The top - cute, but the symmetrical-ness almost doesn't work. The addition of the ballerina makes the top look sophisticated. The pants - rather boring, but not ugly or anything. The shoes - adorable. The gold glitter thing is so cute!

Isabelle's Accessories - $30

Honestly, the coat is what I would buy that set for. The coat and the gloves. The rest seems kind of lame. I mean, this is outfit priced, and we get a cute black jacket, cute fingerless gloves and some fake passes and some hairclips. I will probably get it for the jacket, though it will be painful ;)

Isabelle's Mix-Match Wardrobe

Isabelle's Funky Leggings 

I do not get that little mesh tie. Anyone? How does it automatically become "funky" if it has a light pink tulle ribbon tied awkwardly on your knee? Anybody? Anything? Another thing. It's not cotton, it's that stretchy stuff that pulls the second velcro connects.
 I'll probably get it anyway, because it's pink. And it's pretty cute, and will be one I cut off that tie.

Okay, let me just get this out. That sports bra thing is the stupidest thing I've ever known AG to sell. There I've said it. Not only is it not appropriate for ten year-old girls, it's really awkward looking once you see it in real life. It's cloth, not that tight stretchy stuff that velcro seems to be drawn to.

Isabelle's "Pink" Mixed-and-Matched Set

 Isabelle's Sparkly Skort $12

 It's tulle with little embroidered things on the front. I'm actually on the line about this skirt. It's very cute, but a little little-kiddish looking. Of course, this is a ten year old girl who's going to be wearing it {not so with my Isabelle, she'll be 15 or 16}.

Isabelle's Coral Sweater $14

It's my favorite mix-n-match piece of the bunch! Though it seems to be a bit loosely-woven, it still is adorable. I would have bought it when we were there, but I got her Performance Set and the blue glasses for McKenna since Saige stole her raspberry glasses.
 And that costs cha-ching, let me tell you. Did you know that they raised the price on the glasses last year? Now it's ten bucks instead of eight.

Izzie's "Purple" Mix-n-Match Set

This one is pretty cute, as far as mix and matches go. It all seems to be reasonably good quality, but because I do not own any, I can't say for sure.

I will definitely be reviewing the performance set as soon as I can. I will also be trying to decide when to purchase dearest Izzie. I would love to do it within the month, but I have a birthday to buy for. And I have some other purchases I have planned {the 11th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver}.
 Aaaannd we may be going on vacation this fall to DC {probably not though, it depends} so I would love to get her then!
But also, it appears that perhaps another dear historical will depart {Kit and Ruthie or Marie-Grace and Cecile, perhaps?} so I also need to prepare for that. Either way, I'd only have one doll to get, Ruthie or CeCe.
But anyway, I hope to get Isabelle this month or next.

Part Two as soon as I have time!


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Let's Ring in the New Year

Hey everyone! That fabulous photograph is of Miss Saige and yours truly.

I'll bet you can guess one of the things I got from this photo.

Please don't get me started on her headband. Too short. The band part just wasn't long enough. Or tight enough. Emilie's headband practically glues itself to her head the minuted you wrestle it onto her noggin. And then this MAG one's idiotic tag sticks out almost as long as my pointer finger {I'm not kidding}. So you can see it tucked into Saige's hair twist. So if you got it or are going to get it, make sure to keep and eye on her headband.

Saige looks lovely in her new gold Christmas dress. I switched out the flats for her gold boots though. The stupid flats didn't want to go onto her foot, which is why...

Sonali's wearing the flats with Saige's Special Dress. The thing on her wrist, by the way, is a stretchy ring that, well, stretched for her wrist. Sonali's coloring is utterly suited for that dress, so if you have Sonali or her look-a-like, and this dress, get it on her pronto.

Emilie received Molly's Pajamas. I can't remember what they're called at the moment {and I'm way too lazy to go find a catalog to check} unfortunately, but they are her pjs. Emilie looks adorable in them, and has claimed them for herself. Molly is currently wearing Emilie's pjs, but sh looks quite cute in those herself.

And last but not least, Saige's Tunic Outfit, modeled by McKenna. Honestly, I didn't/still/don't like this outfit a whole lot. It's very cute, but it didn't seem to work super well with Saigey. I decided that McKenna would be cuter in it, so she has claimed it.

Isn't 'Kenna's hair adorable? Our friend Ammelia Gabriella did it. Those of you who read our story blog will remember her. Her hair is supposed to be elven-styled, if I remember correctly.

And that's all, folks! At least, all that I got that's dollish.

Don't forget to check out my friend and my doll blog, {Everything AG with Silence and Willow}, where we will discuss Isabelle. 

Also, I will take photos from the American Girl store and chat about my personal opinions of them {like her stupid sports-bra thing}.

Merry New Year!