Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from all of the members of the Fellowship of the Dolls!

No new things today, I didn't ask for anything doll, besides that I almost asked for Surjan and Nyesha. But I didn't. Oh well, I might buy them anyway with my Christmas money :)

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and that if you watched BOFA it didn't hurt too much at Christmas :'(

~Willow and the Fellowship

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Why Kaya Atonmy?

Kaya'aton'my is her real name. The way I've pronounced it since I was seven years old was "Kaye-uh-uh-toe-n-my" which probably isn't right, but it's how I say it {no comment about I pronounced both Nez Perce and Tatlo wrong for over seven years (:}.

It has come to my attention that people are curious about why I've named my Kaya doll "Kaya Atonmy" when it isn't her book proper name. The same as with Rebeka and Emilie, I've changed the spellings of some of my dolls' names. The reason I do this to make me feel like I've named them different from the crowd. Most of my girls have retained their "book names" excepting the two above. I think it's a creative thing, and the fact that I rebel like that sometimes is just how I get it out :) I also extend the full names, Emilia {Emilie} Mollyanna {Molly} Juliette {Julie} Ivette {Ivy} Sonalia {Sonali} and Jessica {Jess}. Sometimes lamely, sometimes not :)

All of my Hearts for Hearts girls have been renamed, Perrine {Rahel}  Hadassah {Shola} River Melody {Lauryce} Erika {Zelia} and the "names ever so slightly changed" Lilia {Lillian} and Nahji Jasmine {Nahji} and "the names not changed at all really" Mosi, who has of yet to be given a full name.

So the reason I wrote this post is to explain that it doesn't matter if you rename the dolls. That's creativity. And it gets rather annoying to have people ask me about it.

You wanna know why?

Here's why. did. The most famous doll website arguably in doll website history. {Also, I own a doll couch that was owned by a friend of the Gothard Sisters and they played with it. Burn! (:}
They've named their Kaya Kaya Atonmy. Yep, that's why I did it. Basically, because it gave her a last name and it sounded cool.

Here's a photo of Mosi to raise your spirits :)

And have no fear, my photography tips + tricks is about 1/4 of the way done, and I hope to finish it over Christmas break!

Merry Christmas Adam {because Adam was created before Eve, get it?}!


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Who is L.Rose? I Know Now!

Hi guys, I've run into a little brain-twister.

   Who is L.Rose? I've noticed that I've gotten views on the blog from Doll Diaries {which blew my mind, so I went over the page that my link was supposedly on with a fine-tooth comb!} and from another blog as well.

   And would you know what, it's from a person named "L.Rose". Now to those of you who've followed my blog for a while, I always use Willow for all my names. Doi.

   So if you know who that is, or you are them, let me know! I'm not angry or upset, but just curious as to why this is going on. Oh - and do please cease and desist if you are using my blog as your link thing, it's not wrong, but it is impersonation, which I personally believe the links were perhaps used by accident, so do please stop.

   Thanks to Emma, who helpfully commented, I know now! Her blog address is almost identical, while mine is simply

Here's a photo of  Emilie to cheer you up :)


Postscript || Seeing BOFA tomorrow, I'm really excited! Not excited about the supposed "love thing" though. >:{

Post Postscript || How would you like some photo tips and tricks? That's what I'm working on now! Coming soon!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Perrine Photos + Updates + Questions for Christmas

Hey guys, it's been only a little while since I posted my belated "welcome Cecile" type photoshoot,
but I have more!

But let's get down to business {to defeat the Huns..} first.

I've gotten more headshots {way better quality and composition} up on my "Meet the Fellowship" page. I have new ones for Perrine, River, Erika, McKenna, Molly, Emilie, Saige, Nahji Jasmine, and Mosi, though the ones with N.J. and Mosi are not as good quality because they were taken with our old point and shoot. Yay! So go check them out and tell me if you like them!

Here's the next thing,


and Nyesha.

I was kind of wondering if I should ask for these lovelies for Christmas from my Grandma. She likes dolls a lot, but I haven't really been dolling lately, so she hasn't either, I suppose :) But because of the rareness of the other H4Hs that I have, like River {Lauryce} and Mosi and Hadassah {Shola} and even the "originals" are all really expensive! I'm waiting to go back to dolling after I finish our new craft studio and learn to sew, and get all my cosplay stuff sewn and bought. But I do love those little dolls, they're so cute!
Who would they become after they joined the Fellowship?
Surjan would become Ana, like in Rebeka's books.
Nyesha would probably become Monette from the Marie-Grace/Cecile books.

And here's a couple photos of Perrine to satisfy you until I can do proper photoshoots with my little girlies.

~Willow and the Fellowship

Monday, December 1, 2014

Cecile Photoshoot

Here are some old photos I shot of Cecile when I first got her in April, right after I had my braces put on.

I edited this one a bit to make the colors darker and get rid of some of the cloud light that was there.

This one is focused on her pendant, in which unfortunately the pearl was not the focus, more of the chain.

With Cecile's hat, I angled in on our front porch step to give the photo some interest, and when I edited it, I left the rose unedited to give it the center stage. I tried cropping it to work with the Rule of Thirds, but didn't like the outcome.

I love this one because of the subtle hints of loveliness, including Cecile's glove, her rosettes and pendant. Accessorizing is the thing!

Unfortunately, this one is focused to the very left, on Cece's hair. But I love the little yellow pansy {out of focus} and the implication that Cecile is looking at the flower.

I darkened the colors to take away some of the pale light that was present, and I'm loving the outcome!

I love how in this photo Cecile seems to be curtseying :)

Did you like the photos of Cecile?

Do you want some photo tip posts?

Let me know!

~Willow and the Fellowship

Postscript || I hope to receive both of the new Hearts for Hearts dolls, Nyesha and Surjan. Nyesha will be renamed to Monette and go to live with Cecile and Co., while Surjan will be renamed Ana and go to live with Rebeka and Vi.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

{No, I'm Not Dead}

   Wow.... that was four months ago that I posted. Oopsie!

   Anyway, I'm here to say {or write/type, whichever you prefer} that I'm taking a small doll-break. I've been doing doll-ness since I got Marisol in July of 2005, and spending nearly all of my money on new dolls and new clothes.

   So I'm taking a break.

   Don't freak out, I'm not selling anything or giving anything away. I'm just not concentrating on them right now.

   See, it happened because I wanted a Clara Oswald doll. I am probably going to customize a #23 to give her not-screen-accurate green eyes, eventually. And then I wanted to sew her wardrobe, and I saw all of this Clara cosplay stuff, and I got involved. So now I cosplay as Clara, but the Clara doll is at the moment on hold. As is Amy, {older} River, Ten, Eleven, Rory, Sherlock, and John. I know, quite a list.
   But I thought I'd give you something so you'd know I wasn't dead.

   Here's an old picture of Caroline that I took of her dressed up as Eowyn from Lord of the Rings.

So here's my question:

Who should I make Galadriel dresses for? Caroline or Julie? Or even future Isabelle, if I get her?

Should I do Tauriel {even if I don't like her character much} with Saige or future Amy #61?

Should Melissa {#25} by Arwen?


Tell me!



Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Meet Cecile

I do not have a photoshoot of my lovely new CC yet, but it should be coming soon {we have good lighting outside right now}.

Miss Cecile is a gift for myself that I got for me because I just got braces last Wednesday, and I needed something to cheer me up.
I got her yesterday :)


Saturday, March 22, 2014

My New Hearts for Hearts Girls // Erika {Zelia} and Consuela

Hey guys!

Long time no blog.

So my mom, my sis D and I were at Value Village on Thursday before choir, looking for southern belle gowns for a play we're in in a couple of weeks.

I checked the toys section, and lo and behold....

I found Consuelo! I have renamed her Consuela Rosa Montoya, Josefina's little sister.

I have nicknamed her Connie, and she was a $5 steal {though only with her meet skirt and top}. 

She also has nail polish on each hand and foot, so I'll need to use nail polish remover on her.

Aren't they adorable?

Than my dad and I were on datenight, I was feeling pretty happy about Connie, so I thought about maybe getting another H4H. And here she is.

I have renamed her from Zelia to Erika Pond.

She's named after our friend Erika, because she has red hair.

By the way, the new H4H girls coming out soon will be purchased and renamed Monette {Nyesha} and Ana {Surjan}.

Also by the way, I've watermarked these photos on this post, so if you want to pin these, you're welcome to :) But please link back to ma blog.


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Let it Snow // with Saige and River

   Hey guys! Long time no post!

So quickly, before I show you the other brilliant photos from the snow day, I need to update you about Kimberlie.
I have now changed her name and she is River Song Palmer. Yes, like in Doctor Who.

 Mah lurvly sista D took these pictures of Saige while I was getting Molly ready.

If you want to see Molly's I'm going to post them on the Spy-ness of Dollduction later.

Now for more of a study in Saige.

Too much light here.


This one was accidentally taken with flash. I'm surprised how it turned out fairly okay.

And here you can see D sonic-ing poor Saigey's eye.

Saige's Outfit is Nicki's Ski Outfit that I purchased from my friend Silence. River's is Mosi's Meet Dress.

Anyway, thanks for viewing, and if you like the photos, please leave a comment!


Postscript // please do not pin/share any of these photos, but if you want to, please specify which ones and I will watermark them especially for you!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Samantha's Coming Back - I Kid You Not!

So today I was on AG's Facebook and saw this message

Time to celebrate, Samantha Parkington fans—your favorite is coming back this fall! Our Victorian-era character's return is just one of the exciting changes to our historical line. Stay tuned for more details…

   Ohmygrief, they really are bringing back Samantha! Oh. My. Goodness. I guess there's a reason why it's called "Archievement" and not "Retirement". I wonder if anybody noticed that.

   Anyway, will you be buying "new" Samantha? I already have a PM Sammie, but have been itching for a "Mattel" Sammie to be her little sister.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Family Profiles // The Atonmys

From Left to Right // Singing Bird // Mosi // Kaya

Singing Bird Atonmy was purchased by me at the Vision Forum 50% off sale at the end of November 2013. I've been wanting her on and off for about a year or so, because she'd make a gorgeous Native American doll. 
Her personality is sweet but stern, and she watches over Mosi like a hawk.

Mosi Atonmy was purchased by me/my/Dad along with Lauryce {now renamed Kimberlie} from Target in July. She was kind of an impulse buy because I was a bit broke at that second, but my awesome Dad helped me out, thanks Dad :)
Her personality is sweet but mischievous, and she can easily get away with a lot because she's adorable.

Kaya Atonmy was a Craigslist buy {along with Kit} by me in summer of 2012. Unfortunately, her legs are veeerryyy loose, and I need to replace her wig.
Her personality is brave and a bit quirky, but she enjoys hanging out with Mosi and Singing Bird.

I apologize for the not-as-awesome-quality photos, the light wasn't that good for these pictures.

Hope you enjoyed that family profile!


Postscript // Please do not pin/share these photos. I will be glad to watermark them for you if you wish to. Just let me know in a comment.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Family Profiles // the Travillas

This is my doll-ightful doll family from the Edwardian Era {1901 through about 1916}.

From left to right

Rebeka Atira Rubin - Samantha Mary Parkington - Hadassah Shola Rubin
 - Violet Adelaide Travilla  Melissa Melody Travilla

Rebeka was purchased by me at the American Girl store in Seattle {Alderwood Mall} the first time I went in 2011.
She has just decided to become a time traveler and is waiting for me to make her a Tardis.

Samantha was purchased by me third-hand from a friend who bought her off Craigslist in early 2012.
 I'd been wanting a Samantha since I was seven years old. Then finally, I had my wish. She is a Pre-Mattel Sammie, so she's a lovely older doll. She's a sweet personality, and loves watching over the younger girls.

[Note: Her skin isn't actually like that, it's the lighting]

Hadassah Shola Rubin was a long-expected purchase by me from Amazon with a long-awaited-to-spend giftcard in 2013.
She came from Russia to America to find work. She, interestingly enough, came to the Travilla house to be a maid, and found her cousin Rebeka instead! Now she lives like a little princess, as Vi has taken her under her wing. Little Haddi is very sweet and amiable, and loves playing dolls.

Vi Travilla was a long hoped for buy by me in 2008 when she went on sale at the Family Christian Stores. She is a close match to my appearance, excepting that her skin is pale and mine is tanned. Her hair is virtually the exact same color as mine.
She is the rich person in the neighborhood of Pleasanton, and is the  Headmistress of the school. Her personality is in command, though kind.

Melissa was my second AG, bought by me just after she came out in 2005.
She is now Vi's little sister, and has a twin sister named Melinda Harmony {get it?}.
She loves music, and plays as many instruments as she can.

So that's my Family Profile. Though all of these girls aren't Travilla's, they all live in Vi's house, so it's easier to group them that way.