Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Study in Saige // Meet Saige Photoshoot

Saige was a gift from my grandmother, who gave me Josefina two Christmases ago.

Miss Saige Thyme Copeland is very artsy, and yes, she does need glasses. 

When taking doll pictures, natural lighting is always best.

I really do recommend her. Her curls are very fun. 

The only thing that gets me is that she looks rather similar to MAG #23 {I think}.

Saige is very sweet and kind, but a lot like me in the sense that she's very spontaneous.

She gets an idea and goes off with it in two seconds.

She gets very hurt when someone doesn't like her work, or doesn't understand art {i.e. Emilie}.

She loves it that she looks remarkably similar to Tauriel from the Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug {the Stupendous}.

Well, I hope you like my new Saige. I certainly do.


Postscript // Please, if you want to use a photo, let me know. I would be very glad to watermark it for you, but I can't always watermark my photos because it would take too long. That's why I ask that you ask.


  1. Good pictures! I have those glasses for my doll Liz. Saige looks good with glasses!

  2. lovely, willow! is saige's middle name tauriel, then? ;) they do bear a resemblance! maybe you can magically whip up a tauriel costume for her? xD

    xx les

    1. Thanks Les! Actually, her middle name is Thyme {like the herb} at the moment, but I have to see how Tauriel in the movie is, and then I just might change Saigey's middle name :) I would totally love to make her a costume. As it is, I'm getting an Eowyn-like dress from Vision Forum that should be here in a week or so, so she'll be really cute in that...


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