Sunday, October 13, 2013

Meet Emilie and Molly

   Yay! I've finally gotten around to post these photos.

   So yes, D and I bought a new camera. A Canon T3 Rebel. If you want good photos, get that camera.

Meet Miss Emilia Watson Bennett, granddaughter of Dr. John Watson, better known as Emilie.

Meet Miss Mollyanna McIntire, better known as Molly.

They are best friends, living in 221b Baker Street in Pleasanton.

Emilie is a deductive genius, much like her grandfather's friend Sherlock Holmes. Her English accent is adored by the residents of her new home. She enjoys breaking from her time period {the '40s} to watch some BBC Sherlock {on Clearplay of course!}. She is an only child, and though not out and out selfish, she's not used to caring and interacting with people.

Molly is Watson to Emilie's Sherlock. She is cheerful and pokes and prods her friend to become better and kinder. She always wears her silver locket around her neck, where it will remind her of home. She's also a great tap dancer, and competes with Marisol for fun. She is fun loving and forgiving.

Though technically from the forties, Emilie looks gorgeous dressed in Kit and Ruthie's dresses.

I promise I'll post more photos of them later.

Postscript: If you would like to use any of these photos, just let me know and I will watermark them for you!


Friday, October 4, 2013

New Camera + New Dolls + Camera is not here yet = Frustrated Blogger {Yours Truly}

Hello again!

   It's little young me here, in my little corner of the world.

   As I type this, I am impatiently waiting for the UPS man to deliver my and D's new camera.

   New dolls, you ask? Of course, you'll have to wait until I actually get my hands on that camera to snap some shots of them.

    Which unfortunately may be longer than any of us want.

   I could be watching Sherlock now {on Clearplay, of course!} but D decided to get her hair cut while Mom was getting her's done, so I'm stuck.

   I also could be playing with my new dolls {yes, I do play with them, and I'm in my mid-teens!} but I thought that I'd blog {actually, I needed to post Friends and Enemies on the Call, so I needed to get on here anyway}.

   Who are my new dolls, may you ask? Well, you'll just have to wait {or you could cheat and look on one of my other doll blogs}.

   So I'll be logging off now. Cheerio and all that.


{Note: my image. If you would like to use it for anything, just comment and let me know, and I will watermark it for you!}