Friday, July 5, 2013

Spring Photoshoot // with Caroline

Hey fellowshippers!
   Today I'm going to be showing you some photos I've taken of my newest doll, Caroline.

In these photos she was practically brand new!

The pictures were taken at our church after a rain and her dress was made by me.

As a general rule, I try not to just pose them next to something, but I was trying to figure out what to do.

When I picked her out, I tried to get the Caroline with the straightest eyes.

Her skin is actually rather tan.

Note the awkwardness of this shot. Caroline looks out of place, the focus is off and it just looks odd. 
This is the way not to pose your doll.

Change the angle... better!

Change the angle more, superb! Now the awkwardness disappears!

Angle change once more and voila! Professional

And then Caroline gracefully starts to fall...

Hair Tip: Flyaways are impossible to completely cure, but try to brush them aside when you can catch them, otherwise it's distracting.

Try not going straight-on for a headshot, but go for a side-shot.

Be careful with shots where she's in direct sunlight. You might get weird shadows on her face.

Fun story: Caroline's from Lake Ontario, so I thought it'd be fun to do some watery shots. 
The side of the parking lot had flooded, so I posed her on the edge {standing close so if she fell I could grab her} and snapped some shots.

Willow's Tip: Pose your doll in a way that looks natural. See how Caroline gazes thoughtfully into the water? I wouldn't have gotten that shot if she just stood lamely next to it.

Here she is at the little marshy-ish area at the back of the church.

This is how I got that shot! I put her hand of my shoe so she wouldn't fall and held the camera out and awkwardly snapped pictures!

Love the focus on the water/plants. If I do say so myself :)

Caroline is exhausted after a tiring photoshoot. She needs her beauty sleep.

I'll post another photoshoot with her later. More photo tips and some black and white fun, comin' up!

[Note: If you'd like to use a photo, just let me know and I'll watermark it for you!]



  1. I didn't notice that she had those curls in that back! They're beautiful! And as always, Willow, your photography talent is supreme. You never cease to amaze me ;)



    1. Thank you and yes, her curls are awesome!


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