Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Shola is Here {and a BIG Suprize}

I am super excited to share this with you guys. I got my Shola on Thursday, because on Amazon the shipping was showing a week to get here and there was an error with that so I got one-day shipping for free instead of two-day. I was SO excited.

So though I have no photographs yet {I haven't uploaded them to my computer} I do have a fun story.

Anyway, Shola has now been renamed Hadassah and resides happily in 1904 in the Travilla's Mansion, which I will get to some other time.

So, onto the story.

We have something called Date Night on Thursday, where each parent takes a kid and goes somewhere for a "date".

So I went on a "date" with my dad, and we went to eat. Nothing super interesting there. But then...
We stopped at Target on the way to Hobby Lobby {my second favorite store on the planet}, and Dad went to go look at clothes or something and I went to check to see if any H4H Girls had arrived. I seriously doubted it because our Targets never get anything good. I'd never gotten any of my girls there, and wasn't expecting anything interesting. I was wrong.

Guess who I found in the aisle where the H4H Dolls reside?


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