Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Big Surprize // Revealed // Mosi // and Lauryce!

I know you've all been waiting with baited breath {okay, maybe not ;)} so I'll hurry and finish my story.

I headed down to the toy aisle, dodged some loud children and hurried to the Our Generation/H4H aisle. There was a little girl fiddling with some OG stuff, so I waited for a minute until her dad scooped her up and hurried her away.

   Then I saw them. TWO Mosi's. TWO Sholas. And ONE Lauryce! I literally did a happy dance in the toy aisle. Of course, that meant I'd have to choose between Lauryce and Mosi.

   It took me about thirty seconds to decide that I was not going to get this opportunity anytime soon. Unfortunately I was broke. I'd used a gift card I'd been saving for Shola, but I only had one more gift card I'd been intending for Mosi. Big Uh-oh. The last measly ten dollars I'd had had gone to D to pay her for something she'd gotten for me earlier in the year. And Molly and Emily were retiring! Could I spend and extra $25 for Lauryce?

My mind made up, I loaded my arms with Mosi and Lauryce and found my dad in the DVD aisle.

"I want both of them. Can I pay you back eventually for Lauryce?" I asked.

"Sure," was the answer. Trying not to think about being an indentured servant, I followed my dad to the checkout aisle still carrying both dolls. I probably looked pretty silly. He payed for them, and the price was pretty hefty. I continued to try not to think about it.

After checking out Hobby Lobby to gape at their new doll-sized trunks, which also cost a bit {though with fifty percent of it wasn't bad} we headed home.

Skipping to the end, my awesome dad agreed to just let me pay for Mosi and so Lauryce is basically a present. I was so happy! Thanks so much Daddy!

Mosi's box!

 Inside of her box.

Laryce's box!

Inside of Lauryce's box!

Mosi! I was kinda disappointed by her innocent eyebrows, but such is life. 

And yes, her feather is fake. It's plastic.

Her earrings are some kind of Indian bird?

Bracelet same as Lauryce's.

Boots are cute, but next to impossible to get on.

My new girls' hair.

Shola/Hadassah's is much longer than Mosi's.

Ack! Lauryce has stolen my heart!

What I think of Mosi: She's very cute! Her hair is kind of like Nahji's, but it's almost curly. Her eyebrows give her an innocent and almost sad puppy-dog eyes look. Her boots are next to impossible to get on. Her dress in very sweet and her leggings are very cute.

 What I think of Lauryce: I love her to bits! Her coloring is so adorable, and her hair is like spun gold. Her dress is a little bit on the short side, but Nahji's leggings go with it fine. Her headband thing is pretty cute too.

All my H4H girls!

From left to right: Nahji Jasmine, Hadassah, Lauryce, Mosi, Lily and Perrine.

Perrine Frances Colbert

Lilia Russia Love

Mosi Atonmy


Hadassah Shola Rubin

Nahji Jasmine Matthews

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So that's all! Hope you liked the pictures of Mosi and Lauryce!


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Shola Review // Photo Heavy Post

[Note: I took photos of the entire Shola experience, so be prepared!]

The back of her box. Surprisingly, Shola isn't there. Only Mosi.

Side view of her box...

Other side view...

Front of her box! Yay! But I don't get her hijab. 
Besides the fact that I think hijabs are oppressive, almost no little girls will want to play with the head thing, I mean, we want the doll for the hair mostly, not her head thing.

First view of her! Sorry for the slight blurriness.

The side of her box.

Behind the plastic, looking shy...

Not out yet, but getting there!

Her hijab is simpler than I expected, but I don't really care. I took the thing off as fast as I could to see her hair!

Her face shape is new, obviously

Her hijab was attached to her dressed with some thread, but a pocket knife solved that.

I was kinda hoping for curls like NJ, but no such luck. Ah well.

 Ah! Hadassah, get your clothes on! She came with undies, surprisingly. None of my other girls came with any.

Her shoes are basically Lily's in light purple.

Hadassah is so cute in Dell's Clogging Outfit!

Miss Hadassah Rubin is now officially from 1904.


Lily on the left, Hadassah in the middle, and Nahji Jasmine on the right.

Shola/Hadassah's hair and Nahji Jasmine's are about identical.

Hadassah's skin tone is kinda middle between Lily's pale-ness and NJ's darkness.

Hadassah is Rebeka's cousin from Russia.

And yes, her eyes are the same color as Lauryce's.

Her eye is on you...

My feeble attempts to put her head thing back on were silly. I don't know how a little kid is supposed to get this thing on.

It's inside-out, actually. Heh heh. Kinda embarrassing.

Basic Review on Shola. I like her very much. I don't like her hijab, but I don't use it. Her hair is a little uneven like Lily's, which is also kind of annoying. Her dress is okay, it is serged, which is nice. I do recommend her.

[Note: If you would like to use any of these photos, I would be happy to watermark them for you. But please drop me a comment and I'll watermark the picture for you gladly.]

Big Suprize Reveal Tomorrow!