Tuesday, June 4, 2013

// Names for a Doll Restaurant //

Okay, as some of you may know, Willow has a doll town, like the lovely ourdolls.net. Her is {of course} quite different, plus the fact that she likes naming things sometimes very different names. And this is no exception.
Here's the book we recommend to use for a doll restaurant. 

    Here's the deal: I, Sonali Matthews {friend to GOTY '09 Chrissa} and my eight year old adopted from India sister, Nahji Jasmine, wanted to start a restaurant. We have everything they need. Except a name. Help us out please! Comment with your choices, or suggestions if you want!

{Most of these are LOTR/Hobbit based}

the Lonely Mountain Bistro,

the Misty Mountain Bistro,

Blue Mountain Bistro,

the Arkenstone Bistro,

Blunt the Knives Bistro,

There and Back Again Bistro,

Aniral Maded Bistro {are you hungry in Elvish}

The Road Goes Ever On Bistro,

or cafe or diner, they don't necessarily have to be "bistro".

If you would please comment, that would be lovely!


P.S. Once we have the bistro up and running, we'll post it to Willow's website about our town, that she will link to once she uploads some photos!


  1. "Blunt the Knives Bistro" sounds epically perfect!!! :D I didn't know that you had a doll town; tell me more!


    1. Thanks! Here's the link to my site:



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