Sunday, June 9, 2013

H4H Girls Photo Heavy Post // Plus Photo Tips

Hello there!

   Today I am going to show you some long stored up photos of my Hearts for Hearts dolls, Nahji Jasmine Matthews and Lilia Russia Love. The reason I took so long to upload them was that I had an issue with the stupid camera uploading, but now it's fixed/I think.

   Both Lily and Nahji will give you photo tips.

Isn't Nahji Jasmine beautiful? Shh, don't tell, but she's my current H4H favorite!

Here she is in her Indian Sari, minus the head thing. And the waist thing come to think of it. 

Nahji's Tip: Play with the Black and White feature on your camera {but make sure you know how to turn it back!}. You might get some really cool looking pictures! But be sure to keep the camera steady! Blurryness isn't very good.

Nahji's Tip: Even if you have a horrid camera, try playing with the focus! 
You might get something really cool!

Here are some awesome ones of Lily {I made the dress by the way}

Lily's fun to photograph. Her cheeks are so cute!

Please excuse her indecency of bare legs. In 1812 that would be pretty bad ;)

Sometimes, especially with AG dolls, shots like this can look strange. But they can look pretty good too!

As you can see, I took these photos in the shining sun. But sunny shade works awesomely for pictures.

Lily's Tip: Don't take the photo in the direct sun! The light doesn't look good on camera on our vinyl skin! Try it in the shade, you'll like the results {hopefully!}!

This is a more direct-sun shot. It doesn't look horrible, but not as lovely as the other shots in the shade.

Please don't use any of these photos without asking me. 
 If you'd like to use them, I'd be happy to watermark them for you!

~Willow, Lily and Nahji Jasmine

[Note: I have three H4H Girls, but I couldn't find a whole lot of pictures for Perrine, f.k.a Rahel]


  1. They're both so pretty! ☺ I like your photography stlye very much, Willow. It's loverly :) The tips your little friends gave us are very handy to thank you, Nahji and Lily!


    1. Thanks! NJ and Lily are so pleased!


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