Saturday, June 29, 2013

Can We Go to Camp Doll Diaries // Part Quatro

[Note: I'm sorry for the not-as-awesome quality of the photos. I didn't notice the blur until after I had downloaded them]

It was a sunny June afternoon, and Perrine Frances Colbert was deep in practicing "Concerning Hobbits" on her violin {to impress Melissa, her music teacher}.

But when the maid, Trisha, showed Nahji Matthews in, everything changed.

"Guess what?" cried Nahji. "Jess agreed to be our camp counselor! We can go to camp!"

"Oooh! That sounds like fun! The only fun thing I'm doing this summer is visiting New Orleans with Laylie," Perrine sighed.

"Will you ask Miss Laylie?" asked NJ breathlessly.

"Oui!" exclaimed Perrine. "I'll go ask her right now!"

Meanwhile, downstairs in the parlor, Laylie Colbert and Kaya Atonmy were discussing some business.

"I should be glad to assist you in any way I can, Kaya," Laylie was telling her Indian friend.

Then Perrine rushed in and tugged on her sleeve. "Laylie? Can I ask you a 'portant question?"

[Note: Perrine is Laylie's adopted sister from New Orleans]

"Oui," Laylie replied. 
"May I go to Camp this year? Jess said she'd be our counselor?"

Laylie considered it. "I suppose so. I think it would be a healthy experience for you."

"Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!" Perrine threw her arms around her big sister.

"I should probably go pack now, then?" Perrine suggested.

"Yes, I suppose you should," Laylie chuckled. "And have Trisha help you."

~Thee End~

~Our Cast Included~

Perrine Frances Colbert

Dr. Laylia Colbert

And Kaya Atonmy

~Clothing Provided by WillowSilverB Designs~

Perrine's wardrobe included:
Lillian's white top, Addy's Birthday snood, school skirt made by me, china doll pantalettes, and H4H shoes.

Laylie's wardrobe included: blue dress handmade by an etsy seller.

Kaya wardrobe included: Dress from Vision Forum and waist thing from her Deerskin outfit, and shoes from her meet.

This concludes our "Can We Go To Camp Doll Diaries" Series. Stay tuned for more adventures at camp!

~Catch you later~



  1. Delightful + Charming + Realistic + Lovely + Enthralling = this fabulous story. :)



    1. Thank you very much, Leslie!

      ~The Fellowship


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