Monday, June 17, 2013

Can We Go To Camp Doll Diaries // Part Uno // Photostory

by Willow Silver Black

It was a warm day in early June, and Sonali Matthews and her eight year old adopted sister Nahji Jasmine were taking their new-from-Christmas puppy, Sugar on a walk outside Pleasanton.

Nahji was extremely excited, she had just heard that their Watcher, Willow, had agreed to allow some of the dolls to go to Camp Doll Diaries!

"Sonali?" Nahji hesitantly asked. "I was wondering if... well... you know how the Watcher said that we could maybe go to camp this year?"

"Yes, I remember that. Why are you bringing it up?" Sonali replied.

"I was wondering if I could maybe go to camp. I've never been to one, you see. In India, I was an Untouchable, you just didn't do that if you were one. Until I was taken to a Christian orphanage and adopted by our family, I never did anything fun," Nahji sighed.

Sonali gave her a quizzical look. "If I said yes, who would be your counselor?"

"Jess McConnell said that she thought that it might be fun." Nahji suggested.

Sonali sighed. "I suppose you can. IF Jess says she'll be the counselor and IF Willow says it's okay and IF you'll still be able to help me at the restaurant sometimes."

"Yayayayay! Thank you so much Nali!!" cried Nahji. "Can I go ask Jess now, please?"

"I suppose," Sonali conceded.

~Our Cast Included~

Miss Nahji Jasmine Matthews

Sugar the Puppy

And Sonali Matthews

~Wardrobe Provided by WillowSilverB Designs~

Nahji's top was made from a Liberty Jane pattern minus the sleeves and with fabric from Hobby Lobby.

Sonali top was made from a Heritage Doll pattern modified, with fabric from Hobby Lobby.

 Next Part as soon as I have time!

-Catch ya later-


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