Sunday, May 5, 2013

Julie {Half-Elven}

I got my Julie doll in LA {Los Angeles} last year.

I've been wanting to get her since she came out.

Here she is :)

I call her Julie Half-Elven because of her perfect Thranduil-like elven hair :)

You can see her AG LA shirt better here.

Julie is an awesome doll.

Do you like Julie? Have you ever been to the AGPLA?


  1. She's gorgeous, Willow. Fabulously beautiful! And such a perfect and fitting name you picked, too. Her hair is extremely perfect and Thranduil-like! :D You should do a photoshoot of her in Elven-looking'd be glorious!! Seeing the photos you took make me want to buy her, but I have enough dolls already, so... :)

    xo Leslie Violet

    1. Thanks! I'll try, I've got one dress that totally works...


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