Thursday, May 23, 2013

How I Did It // Josefina as a Pirate

I know. Weird and strange title. I couldn't think of anything else. But I'm going to write/talk/blog about how I made some of my American Girl Contest photos what they are.

First: my idea: The theme was Memories. Josefina is Mexican. So I decided that in her family line there was a Spanish lady pirate who's necklace was passed down through the family to Josefina.

Okay, this was my final photo. After perhaps twenty minutes of going through my photos, 
and editing it and putting font on it, this was the final product.
I use this picture because it is one of my favorites.

Then there's the actual shooting of the photo.

Here are my other shots:

{Note: I'm not showing you all my shots. There are way too many to put in here.}

Not bad. You can clearly see the water, which was what I wanted.

Not too bad either. But the velcro is a bit distracting on her outfit.

Not horrid, but kind of boring.

The chosen one. You can clearly see the water and rocks, and her piratey garb. 
It shows the mini-theme nicely.

First attempt. Not too bad, but the light on the rocks is distracting.

Another attempt with another picture.

I'm not sure if that's an of....

Almost final...

Awesome! Her necklace catches your attention, and the faded colors make the photo look old.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Julie {Half-Elven}

I got my Julie doll in LA {Los Angeles} last year.

I've been wanting to get her since she came out.

Here she is :)

I call her Julie Half-Elven because of her perfect Thranduil-like elven hair :)

You can see her AG LA shirt better here.

Julie is an awesome doll.

Do you like Julie? Have you ever been to the AGPLA?