Monday, February 11, 2013

New Hearts for Hearts Girl Shola: by McKenna

Suilaid {hello in elvish} it's been a while.
   Okay, McKenna's been bugging me to let her post, so here ya go!

Hello, there! My name is McKenna Brooks, and I'm from the lovely city of Seattle. Now I reside in Pleasanton D.C., but more on that later. 
   Willow commanded me to write about the new Hearts for Hearts girl, Shola. Here's the link to Willow's Pinterest board on Hearts for Hearts Girls. Meh. Whatev. And here's the Facebook link to H4H's page.
Even if you don't do Facebook {or think it's a status symbol} it's a handy thing to check to see if anything is new. 
    Willow's been checking Doll Diaries obsessively for about a day, mostly 'cause she wants to see what Mosi and Shola look like upclose and personal.

   Okay here are some photos of her,

   Her name's Shola, and she's from Afghanistan. I know, not the top of the list of countries, but an interesting pick in more ways than one.

Her story is interesting {click image to see it bigger}
though if it's true that they actually have circuses there or not I have absolutely no idea.

My {Willow's} personal opinion of her:

The Doll: She's really cute! I liked her the moment I saw her photo. I don't care for her headscarf, but as long as it's removable that's a-okay with me. She reminds me of Consuela, and a little of Tipi. But she's gorgeous. I am so getting her once she comes out. Her dress is cute, I may be able to use it for something else, as she won't be wearing it much.

The Story: Not crazy about it, but I don't really read the stories. I have Rahel {Perrine} and have virtually no idea what her story is. I wish she could have been a Christian, but I can cure that easy-peasy.

My {McKenna's} personal opinions of her:

She's cute, and Willow assured me that she will join the Fellowship once she comes out {or soon thereafter}. Though seriously, I gotta see her hair-how long it is, etc. You can't see it under the scarf. She is cute, though she doesn't look like me at all {because I'm the definition of beauty, just kidding}

Miss Shola 

{who will probably end up being Rebeka's cousin/sister}

Miss Mosi

{Kaya's adopted sister}


P.S. Stay tuned for a Willow/Julie narrated LA AG Store viewing!

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  1. I have all the HeartsrHearts dolls and just added Native American Mosi and Middleastern Shola.

    Suggestion re: Shola. Her traditional Afghanistan outfit generally resembles girls' dress in Bible times. So Shola would also make a good gift for devout Jewish or Christian girls also.

    Some of us offer FREE patterns for Hearts4hearts dolls. I offer free patterns on my Pinterest board. (If you are under 18 please have your parent check my board. There is nothing bad on it but you do not know me. Your parent could even follow my Hearts4Hearts/Mosi/ other doll boards if they prefer.

    I like that manufacturer (PlaymatesToys) gives $ for each doll prichased to...World Vision. A quality world charity. So I'm doing my small bit to promote them and to promote girls learning about other girls all over the world.


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