Sunday, November 11, 2012

Giveaway on Never Grow Up!

Giveaway on Never Grow Up!

I know I haven't done giveaway posts before, so this is my first time {yippee!}

Link here.

The Never Grow Up blog is a favorite of mine, mostly because I agree with the author {beastsbelle} on a ton of stuff. So. Totes. Awesome.

She writes in a very engaging style, which makes it very interesting to read. Plus, now I've got to stop by our closest Disney store, she loves Disney!

Her reviews of the H4H girls are the best I've seen! Great lighting! Looks like no flash! ♥!

{I still have yet to review my H4H girl, Perrine (Rahel)}

If {if! if! if!} I win Consuelo, she will become Consuela Montoya, half sister of Josefina.



{P.S. I'm trying to think of a cool signature, like 'Love, Willow' or something like that. Any help?}  


  1. WILLOW!!!! Sorry, I just miss you. :P How are you and Darrion???

  2. Thanks for posting about this, Willow! :) Have a great day.

  3. Storyteller: Thank you:) We're ok, just working on stories {or trying}

    beastsbelle: You're welcome!


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