Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Caroline Photo from AG!

Today AG released a real photo of Caroline! Yippee!

You know her name. You know her year. Now discover more about our newest historical character as we reveal the Caroline doll and where her story takes place — Sackets Harbor, New York, on the shores of Lake Ontario as the War of 1812 begins. Stayed tuned for more about Caroline as we count down to her debut…

Quoted from AG's Facebook account.{I repeat, I am NOT on Facebook}

It looks like she has light blue-green eyes. Stunning! I love her already:)

Her Meet Outfit, though, looks like ALOF Laylie's Meet & AG Felicity's Summer Gown mixed together.
 Though shorter. Love her though?

What do you think of Caroline?



  1. Honestly, I'm not sure. I'm getting really sick of AG releasing dolls with blond hair and blue eyes. I mean, yes, that is a genetic commonality, but there are many combinations that haven't been used yet. Plus, AG hasn't released a doll with brown or gray eyes in forever. I'm also disappointed with everything being pink, but that's just me. My honest opinion!

  2. Lena: I know, I was disappointing that she looked like so, I was hoping for either golden-blonde, or red or black hair.:(

    I was hoping for green eyes, not Felicity-green, but the MAG type green.

    Also, the pink thiing is not a favorite of mine, though I don't mind it too much{my favorite color is pink anyway}. I think this outfit would have looked cuter is maybe blue or grey or something.

    In short, I basically agree with you{though I really like her(:}



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