Saturday, July 28, 2012

New H4H Dolls!

So, here are the new Hearts For hearts dolls! I will give my good & bad opinion about them, by the way:)

Yay! It's Lauryce! She was previously going to be Rue, but instead she is now Lauryce. I believe from her voice thing on their website her name is pronounce 'Ler-ee-ss'. Now, I do not own her, but  this is my opinion of her character and doll and etc anyway.

Good: Her outfit is cute, and she is very sweet looking. Her story was cute too, but sad. Not sure if younger girls would like it very much.

Not so good: On her voice thing on their site, she said an odd French word, 'Bonjew' or 'Bonsew' is what it sounded like{now I don't do French, but bonjeu doesn't sound like a normal French word  to me}. It sounded like she was trying to say 'bonjour', but failed. You can listen for yourself:)

Now, onto Zelia.

Zelia from Brazil.
Good: She is a really cute doll, I've seen her in person{but didn't purchase her}. She looks practically exactly like her pics:) Plus she's just cute. Her accent is good on her page, too.

Not so good: She doesn't look Brazilian. Period. She looks Scottish. Brazilian's look more like Consuelo if anything. Zelia is probably descended from the white farmers who came to Brazil from Europe or something. But I just thought that H4H would make her look more native. I don't really mind the idea, I'm just confused. VERY confused.


P.S. Mosi probably isn't coming out until November, if that.

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