Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Meet the Mystery Girl: Cecile or............?

Hey followers! It's been a while since I or my dolls have posted, so I'll just give you a photo-story that I have concocted.

"Uhhh... Bonjour?" The dark skinned,
Civil-War style clad girl stammered.

Shrieked the three girls in unison.

                "What are you doing?" Melissa asked incredulously.

      {Please excuse their impromptu wardrobe change}

 "Why were you pretending to be Cecile Rey?!"
Rebeka demanded angrily.

 "Well.............. Maman asked me to." Sonali stated simply.

"Mom ASKED you to fake be Cecile? Why?" Jess wondered aloud.

 "How about we just call her in here now, Nalia?" Elizabeth suggested.

 "Sure. Come on in, ma petite. Hey, I'm kinda likin' these French words." Sonali called.

 A shy face peeked out from behind the door.

"Come on in Josefina." Sonali invited.

 "Si, Sonali." Said Josefina, in hardly accented at all English-Spanish.

All of the FSD stared. Josefina Montoya?
They had all thought that the mystery girl was Cecile or Nellie or something.

Ivy bravely spoke up.
"Why don't you show us your trunk, Josefina?"

 "Si, er, Ivy. Follow me."

 The FSDs gathered around Josefina's trunk.

 Marisol also decided to join them in Rebeka's new Roaring 20s flapper dress.

 Josefina's clothing lay neatly folded atop each other.

 Her name was neatly written on a piece of paper.

 "My Mama had my sister Francisca give me this doll before my Mama died.
I was about five years old then. I miss my Mama dearly." Josefina said quietly.

 "I have lots of sisters. Ana, who is married with two little boys, Magdelena who is 18. Francisca, who is 15.
Then me, I'm 14. Then my sister Clara, she's 12.
Then the triplets, who are 12, Carmen, Noelle & Aleisha. Then come my half sisters, Consuela & Eva Rose."
"Wow. You sure have a lot of sisters!" Elizabeth offered.

"Though I miss my Mama, my aunt, Tia Dolores, married my Papa 2 years later."

"I like it here, though. It's quieter than my Rancho at home. Though I do miss it..." Josefina trailed off.

So...? Do you like my new doll, Maria Josefina Montoya?    



  1. Wow, I certainly was NOT expecting Josefina! (although I should have guessed since you're using her for AGC...) She's gorgeous! How did you have all that stuff for her?

  2. Lena: Thank you! I got a lot of her stuff for Christmas. But I sewed her a couple of things. I'm still working on her wardrobe though. She wants her summer/riding dress for the County Fair this year.

  3. Cool!! I love the way you did the stories and photos together!

    1. Thank you, Storyteller! A lot of people call it a photostory.


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