Monday, May 28, 2012

Good Grievous! There's Gonna be a new Historical this Fall!

Hmm.. Good Grievous, Mama? Oh, Josie, it's just a bit of fun. Keep going, anyhow.

Yes, you heard right! Mama found out that there will be a new historical girl coming this September 4th! 
Her name is.....

Mama is hoping that the new girl will be from 1812. You know, the war of 1812? Here are the book names & links to Amazon,
[Quote from Amazon]Inspire girls with our newest historical character's exciting stories of bravery and kindness! Caroline's six-book series is filled with adventures that bring her world to life.[End Quote]

{Now, I'm{Willow} guessing as to their order, the stupid website won't tell me.}
{If you know the order, please enlighten me}

It sounds war-like to me{Willow}! But, I heard from a lady selling handmade doll clothes{who heard from a friend who worked at an AG store}, that a new historical might be a blonde ponytailed '50s girl! But... Caroline's books doesn't sound like that type to me. I think its the War of 1812, or maybe the French & Indian War. Or perhaps the Oregon Trail{heard that on}. Most definitely not the Titanic time{1912}, WWI{1917}, or Roaring '20s.

But she really should have red curls, like Merida in Brave. And blue eyes. Wouldn't that be gorgeous?
~Willow & Josefina~

 P.S. Happy Memorial Day!

[Thank you Lena for directing me to the AG Publishing site. Surprisingly, I was right as to the order!]


  1. Josfina (and Willow), if you go to the American Girl publishing website (, you will find the order of the books. :)

  2. Gah, you are so right, Lena! I couldn't find that link before! Thank you! I will add the correction!
    ~Willow & Josefina~


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