Sunday, February 26, 2012

More Answers to More Questions

Hey again. Willow here once more. Now, I would like to thank you for viewing this blog. I just looked at the stats & they honestly impress me! People view this humble blog from all over! A special thank you to Lena, of Lena's Life & Emily's Thoughts. It really means a lot to my that anyone would like to look at this blog here.
So I would also like to answer some more questions about Mystery Girl. This is now about wearing blue,

Addy: Her straw bonnet's ribbon is blue with white polka-dots.

Josefina: Her hair ribbon is blue.

Julie: Her blue jeans & blue design on her top.

Kaya: Some beads in her necklace are blue.

Kit: Blue eyes.

Ruthie: Blue socks

Marie-Grace: Blue Eyes

Cecile: Blue dress & hat.

Molly: Blue outfit, basically.

Emily: Blue dress.

Felicity: Blue something.

Samantha: Blue something else.

Nellie: Blue eyes, blue dress, blue flowers on hat!

Hope that helped!


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  1. Felicity doesn't have anything blue, nor does Samantha. :) Also, thanks for the special mention. I love your blog!


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