Friday, December 21, 2012

Okay, I'll just tell you...

...that I've gotten several new dolls since the end of last year that I haven't revealed, and don't want to do numerous photostories about.

First is Samantha Victoria Parkington,

She's a PM {Pre Mattel} Samantha, with no curl to her hair.

This is Francisca. She's a PM Josefina, a garage sale discovery by her second owner {who sold her to me}
 I'm planning to re-wig both of them, Samantha with a basically the same wig. Francisca with a new Marisol-type wig. {I'm going to re-wig Marisol, too, by the way}

I have more, but I will do a photo-story about them :)


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Giveaway on Never Grow Up!

Giveaway on Never Grow Up!

I know I haven't done giveaway posts before, so this is my first time {yippee!}

Link here.

The Never Grow Up blog is a favorite of mine, mostly because I agree with the author {beastsbelle} on a ton of stuff. So. Totes. Awesome.

She writes in a very engaging style, which makes it very interesting to read. Plus, now I've got to stop by our closest Disney store, she loves Disney!

Her reviews of the H4H girls are the best I've seen! Great lighting! Looks like no flash! ♥!

{I still have yet to review my H4H girl, Perrine (Rahel)}

If {if! if! if!} I win Consuelo, she will become Consuela Montoya, half sister of Josefina.



{P.S. I'm trying to think of a cool signature, like 'Love, Willow' or something like that. Any help?}  

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Look and Updates

Hey there, it's New Girl #3! Aunt Willow actually has New Girls #1-2.
But I'm special. I get to come super soon. But I can still type from my AG box. Weird huh?

 Anyhow, Aunt Willow wanted me to post about this blog's new look. Most of it's from a website called 'Cutest Blog's on the Block'.
 You can view the site by clicking on the banner in the upper right-hand corner. Also, do you like it? Aunt Willow sure does.

Now, for the best part. You get to guess who I am {if you want, it doesn't really matter}.

Plus, here are some links to Caroline stuff:

A Photo of Caroline's six book Series {on the American Girl Fan Message board}

Over and Out,

~New Girl #3~

Monday, August 6, 2012

Caroline L♥ve!

Aloha! It's Willow!

Now, I know some of you wanted a non-blondie, and I know how you feel. But you gotta admit, the hair is selling her. She looks almost angelic. Dot-dot-dot-dash.

Now, here's some stuff I found on

It is said that this is a 'Skiff', a small boat.{IMHO, 'Skiff', sounds like a Star Wars thing}
 I KNEW she was going to have a boat! Plus, her outfit is cute too :)

GAH! It look very close to the now retired Scenes & Settings! But I bet that it will cost waaaaaaaayyyy more. A small fortune, in the words of D{my 'lil sis}. But isn't get gown beautiful! It reminds me of a Barbie dress that I played with when I was little. The front looks kind of maid-ish, which gives it a cool history.
Anyway, there's Caroline!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Caroline Photo from AG!

Today AG released a real photo of Caroline! Yippee!

You know her name. You know her year. Now discover more about our newest historical character as we reveal the Caroline doll and where her story takes place — Sackets Harbor, New York, on the shores of Lake Ontario as the War of 1812 begins. Stayed tuned for more about Caroline as we count down to her debut…

Quoted from AG's Facebook account.{I repeat, I am NOT on Facebook}

It looks like she has light blue-green eyes. Stunning! I love her already:)

Her Meet Outfit, though, looks like ALOF Laylie's Meet & AG Felicity's Summer Gown mixed together.
 Though shorter. Love her though?

What do you think of Caroline?


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Carlone Abbott Photo!

Hello there again!
 Here I bring you a photo of Caroline Abbott! The photo was taken by AGPT member Eurynome. I don't take credit for the photo, it was all her:) I found this pic on

American Girl Caroline

She looks like Lanie & Jubilee{#56} & #22. Her meet gown looks like Laylie's meet gown:) Isn't is cool!? I'd love to get her on her debut!
 What do you think?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

New H4H Dolls!

So, here are the new Hearts For hearts dolls! I will give my good & bad opinion about them, by the way:)

Yay! It's Lauryce! She was previously going to be Rue, but instead she is now Lauryce. I believe from her voice thing on their website her name is pronounce 'Ler-ee-ss'. Now, I do not own her, but  this is my opinion of her character and doll and etc anyway.

Good: Her outfit is cute, and she is very sweet looking. Her story was cute too, but sad. Not sure if younger girls would like it very much.

Not so good: On her voice thing on their site, she said an odd French word, 'Bonjew' or 'Bonsew' is what it sounded like{now I don't do French, but bonjeu doesn't sound like a normal French word  to me}. It sounded like she was trying to say 'bonjour', but failed. You can listen for yourself:)

Now, onto Zelia.

Zelia from Brazil.
Good: She is a really cute doll, I've seen her in person{but didn't purchase her}. She looks practically exactly like her pics:) Plus she's just cute. Her accent is good on her page, too.

Not so good: She doesn't look Brazilian. Period. She looks Scottish. Brazilian's look more like Consuelo if anything. Zelia is probably descended from the white farmers who came to Brazil from Europe or something. But I just thought that H4H would make her look more native. I don't really mind the idea, I'm just confused. VERY confused.


P.S. Mosi probably isn't coming out until November, if that.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Marie-Grace & Cecile at the Seattle B&B{Part 1}

Hello, there! I have some pics from the first time I saw MG & CC.
I am also in love with CC right now, so bear with me....

 Isn't she beautiful! She is calling to me...

 Marie-Grace is so cute here! Btw, I'm slowly convincing my sis to buy this...

 Gah! Why must I be tortured so...

~All Photos by Darrion & Willow~

Monday, May 28, 2012

Good Grievous! There's Gonna be a new Historical this Fall!

Hmm.. Good Grievous, Mama? Oh, Josie, it's just a bit of fun. Keep going, anyhow.

Yes, you heard right! Mama found out that there will be a new historical girl coming this September 4th! 
Her name is.....

Mama is hoping that the new girl will be from 1812. You know, the war of 1812? Here are the book names & links to Amazon,
[Quote from Amazon]Inspire girls with our newest historical character's exciting stories of bravery and kindness! Caroline's six-book series is filled with adventures that bring her world to life.[End Quote]

{Now, I'm{Willow} guessing as to their order, the stupid website won't tell me.}
{If you know the order, please enlighten me}

It sounds war-like to me{Willow}! But, I heard from a lady selling handmade doll clothes{who heard from a friend who worked at an AG store}, that a new historical might be a blonde ponytailed '50s girl! But... Caroline's books doesn't sound like that type to me. I think its the War of 1812, or maybe the French & Indian War. Or perhaps the Oregon Trail{heard that on}. Most definitely not the Titanic time{1912}, WWI{1917}, or Roaring '20s.

But she really should have red curls, like Merida in Brave. And blue eyes. Wouldn't that be gorgeous?
~Willow & Josefina~

 P.S. Happy Memorial Day!

[Thank you Lena for directing me to the AG Publishing site. Surprisingly, I was right as to the order!]

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Meet the Mystery Girl: Cecile or............?

Hey followers! It's been a while since I or my dolls have posted, so I'll just give you a photo-story that I have concocted.

"Uhhh... Bonjour?" The dark skinned,
Civil-War style clad girl stammered.

Shrieked the three girls in unison.

                "What are you doing?" Melissa asked incredulously.

      {Please excuse their impromptu wardrobe change}

 "Why were you pretending to be Cecile Rey?!"
Rebeka demanded angrily.

 "Well.............. Maman asked me to." Sonali stated simply.

"Mom ASKED you to fake be Cecile? Why?" Jess wondered aloud.

 "How about we just call her in here now, Nalia?" Elizabeth suggested.

 "Sure. Come on in, ma petite. Hey, I'm kinda likin' these French words." Sonali called.

 A shy face peeked out from behind the door.

"Come on in Josefina." Sonali invited.

 "Si, Sonali." Said Josefina, in hardly accented at all English-Spanish.

All of the FSD stared. Josefina Montoya?
They had all thought that the mystery girl was Cecile or Nellie or something.

Ivy bravely spoke up.
"Why don't you show us your trunk, Josefina?"

 "Si, er, Ivy. Follow me."

 The FSDs gathered around Josefina's trunk.

 Marisol also decided to join them in Rebeka's new Roaring 20s flapper dress.

 Josefina's clothing lay neatly folded atop each other.

 Her name was neatly written on a piece of paper.

 "My Mama had my sister Francisca give me this doll before my Mama died.
I was about five years old then. I miss my Mama dearly." Josefina said quietly.

 "I have lots of sisters. Ana, who is married with two little boys, Magdelena who is 18. Francisca, who is 15.
Then me, I'm 14. Then my sister Clara, she's 12.
Then the triplets, who are 12, Carmen, Noelle & Aleisha. Then come my half sisters, Consuela & Eva Rose."
"Wow. You sure have a lot of sisters!" Elizabeth offered.

"Though I miss my Mama, my aunt, Tia Dolores, married my Papa 2 years later."

"I like it here, though. It's quieter than my Rancho at home. Though I do miss it..." Josefina trailed off.

So...? Do you like my new doll, Maria Josefina Montoya?