Friday, December 30, 2011

A Post by New Girl:)

My name is, oops! I cannot tell you my name for fear one of my new sisters will find out. I just wanted to hint about who I am. I have an 'e' in my name. In my books, I am given a doll from someone very special. In my meet outfit, I wear something blue. I am a historical. I am tied in with one of the FSDs. In alphabetical order, here are the historicals & their corresponding dolls.
Addy: Laylie
Josefina: Marisol
Julie: Ivy
Kaya: Kirsten
Kit or Ruthie: Kathleen
Marie-Grace or Cecile: Melissa & Elsie(Melissa speaketh French & its Elsie's time period)
Molly or Emily: Kathleen
Felicity: Elizabeth
Samantha or Nellie: Violet & Rebeka
See? Now, any guesses? Anyone?
~Mystery Girl


  1. Umm... I don't get it. Sorry. What is a FSD?

  2. Rose: An FSD is a Force Sensitive Doll. As in like Star Wars? The Force? This post is by my new doll to give people hints at who she might be.

  3. The only doll this could be is Nellie! She wears a blue dress, has two 'e's (or is she only allowed to have one?), and is given a doll by her best friend, Samantha! How did I do? We are anxious to hear about you, new doll!

  4. Cecile, only her! perfect description! Tell us who it is!


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