Friday, December 30, 2011

A Post by New Girl:)

My name is, oops! I cannot tell you my name for fear one of my new sisters will find out. I just wanted to hint about who I am. I have an 'e' in my name. In my books, I am given a doll from someone very special. In my meet outfit, I wear something blue. I am a historical. I am tied in with one of the FSDs. In alphabetical order, here are the historicals & their corresponding dolls.
Addy: Laylie
Josefina: Marisol
Julie: Ivy
Kaya: Kirsten
Kit or Ruthie: Kathleen
Marie-Grace or Cecile: Melissa & Elsie(Melissa speaketh French & its Elsie's time period)
Molly or Emily: Kathleen
Felicity: Elizabeth
Samantha or Nellie: Violet & Rebeka
See? Now, any guesses? Anyone?
~Mystery Girl

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Eve of Christmas Eve

Hello, FSD Fans! Marisol is writing this. If you read this, please comment, 'I am an FSD Fan!' Thanks. Anyway, I thought I'd update you on our life, we are expecting a new sister! Yep! A new sister! Willow said that she asked for a new sister for Christmas, so, yeah. But she didn't tell us who she asked for. I know. Annoying. Humans are so irritating. This is Melissa. We here love this time of year! Willow always asks for new things for us. Always. Of course, she keeps hiding her wishlists from us so we won't see what she asked for. This is Elsie, of course she hides them! Everyone likes surprises right? At least we know that the new sister won't be Kanani, because she is sold out. Hi, this is Jess. I wish it was Kanani. Rebeka said that cousin Kanani is really really nice. She looks a LOT like me too. But I don't think Willow asked for her. Rats. This is Ivy. I hope its Julie! Julie is the only doll that makes sense! Willow has been dying for Julie since 2007! She told me herself! Humans. Salutations. This is Elizabeth. I really hope that Mother has caved & gotten a Felicity. she knows how much I miss her. Though I don't know how she would have gotten her parents to look for Lissie on eBay or Craigslist. Maybe she got Julie, I don't know. Here is a tissue Lizzie. Hey, this is So_Nali, whats up? I asked Willow to ask for my little sister, Nahji, for Christmas. Nahji is my adopted sister from India. She is a Heart 4 Hearts doll. Hey, Millie here. I hope she asked for a blondie. Like moi. Hello, this is Laylie. I hope she asked for Addy, my sister. She was sold off of the plantation that I lived on before I came here. So I haven't seen her since. I really miss her. And I'm worried about her! I'm sorry Laylie! We never knew that! Don't you have two other sisters as well? Yes, I do. But I would rather not talk about it right now.
Well that was enlightening. Wasn't that enlightening? Anyway, thanks for reading these ramblings. Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah.


The Way will guide you,
The Truth will set you free.
A new Life is written,
For those who believe.