Friday, November 25, 2011

A Post by Rebeka

Hello me adoring fans! Its me, Rebeka Atira Rubin, posting right now. Hello? Is ANYONE THERE?????!!!! Ah, just needed to get that out of my system. As you probably know, I am the newest FSD to join the family. But Elizabeth & Ivy are still a bit cold toward me, because they wish for their BFF's to come live here. But Mom just got a surprise, hehehehehehe. Do you think that Mother could make an Ana for me? Can someone bug her about it? Please? I'LL PUT YOUR NAME ON THIS BLOG IF YOU DO!!!! Now, GO BUG!!! So, how was your Thanksgiving? We are celebrating it today. You having turkey? We're having chicken. Yeah, I know. Real fun. A chicken barely bigger than my HAND!!!! ARGG!!!
(AGAA Dolls(aka Kaye) has commented! NOW YOU COMMENT!!!


  1. It's AGAA Dolls from Picasa! Did you get a new doll? I'M BUGGING YOU!!! I WANT TO KNOW!!!

  2. Hey Kaye! Perhaps? Perhaps not. You'll have to see my new Thanksgiving story on my new Picasa.


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