Thursday, May 5, 2011

Please Vote!

Hi girls! It me, Melissa!
Mom wanted me too post on here for her so....please vote on the poll about which doll Mom should get. I personally think you should vote for Julie, but its up to you really. By the way, I will write is hot pink when its me.So please vote! Thanks!


  1. I voted Julie for you, Ives!

  2. I voted for Jules! ~*Kanani*~

    I voted for Ali... :P It let me vote twice. I checked. :) ~Leanna

  3. Thanks Kanani & Lena!~Ivy

    Thanks for voting for Alli, Leanna:)~Elizabeth

    Thanks for voting!~Willow

  4. I can't decide! I think you should get Julie though, or Rebbecca? I was thinking if you got Julie her and Elizabeth could be TWINS! Or if you got Rebbecca, your Rebbecca and my Rebbecca could be twins. Oh well, I hope I helped. Sorry if I didn't.
    Bye. - AR

  5. Hmm. I'm not sure. They will probably be cousins though. Yes, if I get Rebecca they will be twins if that's ok with you, Girlysister? It did help! But then the new historicals might make me want them so, yeah.


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