Monday, May 9, 2011

Elizabeth Here!

Hello everyone! My name is Elizabeth Bethany Nicole Cole. I am 12 years old but am really only 2. My best friend, Felicity, is not here with me yet. To describe myself I would say small, skinny, blue eyed & has very long, wavy golden-blonde hair. I am also told I am very quiet. The sports I like are cheerleading, and a little tennis.
So does anyone have any questions about me? If so please don't hesitate to ask.


  1. Hi Elizabeth!
    I'm Lanie-Leanna's doll. You might know me. :) I'm two also!
    *Lanie stop lying online!*
    Fine, Kristy!
    Anywho, I'm *about* to turn two. On June 3rd. :P
    Okay, well, ttyl Elizabeth!


  2. Hi Elizabeth. It's well, Elizabeth here! I think you know me. My Mommy is AR. How are you??? I wish our mommies would get us a playdate.

    *Elizabeth, get off now and of take a shower!*

    Well, as you can tell, I better go. I'll probably get back on later, unless mommy has me help clean our house. *Sigh*
    Oh well, -

  3. Hi Lanie! Yes I know you:)

    Hi Cousin Elizabeth! I'm good! I can't wait! My Mom will ask her Mom, kay?
    Talk To You Guys Soon!


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