Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blog names for us all!

Yoza. Melissa here. So me & Ivy thought it would be fun to think up blog names for all of the dolls in our family and ones that Mom might get. So here they are,

Marisol: Marisol In The Spotlight. A blog by a dancing and dreaming doll who plans on dancing her dreams!

Melissa: Melissa's Melody. A blog by a melodious, sporty doll who couldn't care less about being different. 

Jess: Jess's Flipflops. A blog about that tells about Jess's adventures & how her flipflops have seen it all.

Elizabeth: Utterly Elizabeth. A blog by a colonial girl in the 21st century.

Sonali: ???We are still working on this one:) Any idea's?

Ivy: In The Eyes Of Ivy. A blog by a Chinese-Japanese doll who has BIG dreams.

Violet: Violet Not The Flower: A blog by a doll who loves movies & video cameras.

Kathleen: Comfortably Kathleen. A blog by a doll who is comfortably herself.

Millie: In The Mind Of Millie. A blog by a rather crazy doll who loves mischief, adventure & mystery!

Elsie: Elsie Inside Out. A blog by a doll who wants to follow Christ but has troubles along the way.

Laylie: ???any help?

Adah: Always Adah. A blog by a girl who loves being herself!

Fan, Trisha & Hayley.????? Help?


  1. I have 2 ideas for Sonali:
    1. Growing Up Indian, a blog about Sonali and how her nationality affects her life.
    2. Sunny Sonali Days, a blog about Sonali and her cheery adventures with the other Force Sensitive Dolls.

    Here's one for Laylie: Loyally Laylie, a blog about Laylie and her happy life with her sisters.

    Fan: Just Fan, a blog about Fan and her life with her sisters.

    Trisha: Truly Trisha, a blog about Trisha and her truly good life with the FSD's. (Force Sensitive Dolls)

    Hayley: Happily Hayley, a blog about Hayley and her happiness to have the life she owns.

    Hope this helps! ;)

  2. Hey Willow! I hope my idea's help!

    Sonali: Just Sonali, a blog about how she overcame being bullied. ( I tried to change it at least a little from the A.G. books!)

    Heres another for Sonali : A blog about her and her family, how sometimes her and her parents and her sisters sometimes argue, but always end up laughing.

    Laylie: Laylie, I'm just who I am. A journalish type blog about what she want to be when she grows up. And idea's she has to help people, and she wishes she could be more 'Green' in the sense of gardening and not loitering.

    Fan: Musically Fan. A blog about how Fan just want's an Ipod and has a gift of playing the piano.

    Haley: A blog about how she has to go to a boarding school.

  3. Sounds great Priya & Girlysister! I'll edit my posts as soon as I can:)


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