Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Poll! Please Vote!

Hiya girls! Sonalia here! Mom wanted me to ask you to please vote on your favorite FSD. There is a long list but please choose wisely.
*I am SO Nali!

Poll Closed! Thanks for voting!

Ok lets see who wins

Julie Albright: 3 votes (27%)
Rebecca Rubin: 4 votes (36%)
#35 Alli Allpoint: 1 vote (9%)
#39 Hannah von Meter: 3 votes (27%)
It looks like Rebecca wins! And just by one vote!
Julie comes in second, Alli comes in 3rd & Hannah Sophia comes in 4th.
This doesn't exactly determined who I'll get but it helps!
Gotta go,


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blog names for us all!

Yoza. Melissa here. So me & Ivy thought it would be fun to think up blog names for all of the dolls in our family and ones that Mom might get. So here they are,

Marisol: Marisol In The Spotlight. A blog by a dancing and dreaming doll who plans on dancing her dreams!

Melissa: Melissa's Melody. A blog by a melodious, sporty doll who couldn't care less about being different. 

Jess: Jess's Flipflops. A blog about that tells about Jess's adventures & how her flipflops have seen it all.

Elizabeth: Utterly Elizabeth. A blog by a colonial girl in the 21st century.

Sonali: ???We are still working on this one:) Any idea's?

Ivy: In The Eyes Of Ivy. A blog by a Chinese-Japanese doll who has BIG dreams.

Violet: Violet Not The Flower: A blog by a doll who loves movies & video cameras.

Kathleen: Comfortably Kathleen. A blog by a doll who is comfortably herself.

Millie: In The Mind Of Millie. A blog by a rather crazy doll who loves mischief, adventure & mystery!

Elsie: Elsie Inside Out. A blog by a doll who wants to follow Christ but has troubles along the way.

Laylie: ???any help?

Adah: Always Adah. A blog by a girl who loves being herself!

Fan, Trisha & Hayley.????? Help?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Elizabeth Here!

Hello everyone! My name is Elizabeth Bethany Nicole Cole. I am 12 years old but am really only 2. My best friend, Felicity, is not here with me yet. To describe myself I would say small, skinny, blue eyed & has very long, wavy golden-blonde hair. I am also told I am very quiet. The sports I like are cheerleading, and a little tennis.
So does anyone have any questions about me? If so please don't hesitate to ask.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Please Vote!

Hi girls! It me, Melissa!
Mom wanted me too post on here for her so....please vote on the poll about which doll Mom should get. I personally think you should vote for Julie, but its up to you really. By the way, I will write is hot pink when its me.So please vote! Thanks!

Meet American Girl Force Sensitive Dolls!

Hi! Its Willow(again). In case you haven't met my dolls yet I thought I should introduce them to you.
                                            Marisol Francesca Luna & Danielle Marie Luna
                                                   (please note that Dani is my sister's doll)

                                                       Melissa Melody Leah K.
                                                   Jessica Akiko Lee McConnell
                                                    Elizabeth Bethany Nicole  Cole
                                                            Sonalia Willow Matthews

                                                                 Ivette Ming Ling            

Monday, May 2, 2011

Dolls I want in Order!

Hi everyone! This is Willow. I wanted to show you guys the 4 dolls I want at this time. Here they are,

#1 Juliette Pepper Albright

                                                                  #2  Rebecca Atira Rubin

                                                            #3 Ariadne Andromeda Allpoint.

                                                  #4 Hannah Sophia Dakota Elise von Meter

Gotta go!