Saturday, January 6, 2018

2018 Doll Resolutions

1. Get Luciana.

Miss Luci is definitely coming to joining the Fellowship this year!

2. Get all of Luciana's collection!

I'm hoping to get a job working at my local AG store this year, and I'll probably be able to afford her Mars Habitat if I do!

3. Get Tenney.

Tenney is next on my list of dolls to get! I'm really excited!

4. Get at least 4 dolls this year.

I've kind of been averaging 4 a year for awhile, excepting last year (only 3). If I get a doll every season, I'll end up with 4.

5. Get Logan.

I don't know how long Logan will be hanging around, so that means he'll be coming to joining the Fellowship soon.

6. Get Z.

Same reason as Logan, plus she's just plain adorable!

7. Get Maryellen.

Even if I get all of my main 4, I still would like to get a BeForever this year.

8. Get Marisol's head replaced.

I've been meaning to do this for probably about 10 years, and I need to get to it!

9. Get Kanani's head replaced.

I bought Kanani last year from a local antique store that sells used American Girl things, with the intention of getting her head replaced. I really need to do that so I can enjoy her fully.

10. Start a doll YouTube.

I really need to do this. I found a really nice editor on our computer and just need to start using it!

11. Start a doll instagram.

I also really need to do this! I feel like it will make me take more doll pictures, and you only need to write a little blurb.

12.Work on completing my collections.

I always try to do this, so this is pretty much a continuation thing. I usually buy when there's a sale, so more sales, please, AG.

13. Buy at least one thing off of eBay for my dolls.

Pretty on track for this, I might be getting Rebeka's bed off of there soon!

14. Buy at least one doll thing off of Craigslist.

Hoping for a good deal!

15. Buy at least one doll thing off of OfferUp.

There's a LOT of things on my "to-buy" list, so I'd better get buyin'!

16. Buy at least one retired thing.

I've just bought a retired Palomino from Value Village, does that count?

17. Take more doll photos!!!

Nuff said.

18. Finally get my doll room.

I hope that this year my parents will get our basement redone so I can finally have the doll room I've been waiting for for over 5 years!

Wow, that was fun! I hope I'll be able to do at least, like, 5 of these. You never know.
Let me know if you have any doll resolutions!


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2017 Resolutions Fulfilled?

Did I fulfill all of my 2017 New Years Resolutions? Lets take a look and find out!

 1. Get Addy!
She's apparently archiving this year, so I need to get her as soon as I can 😀

~Yes!! I bought her as a 20th birthday present for myself.
2. Get the rest of Addy's available collection that I want (nightgown + lunch pail) 
Yep! Bought the nightgown when I got the doll and my mom ordered the lunch pail for me while I was at cam,
3. Get Gabriela!

~ Yes! I love her!

4. Get Gabriela's Whole World Collection!
Yay, I can afford it this year! Unless they come out with something super expensive.
~ Almost, I have everything but the Bed and the Chair set, though.
5. Get Felicity's head replaced!
~ Yes! I got her head done at the end of January.
6. Get Marisol's head replaced!
~ Nope.

7. Sew at least 1 outfit for each doll!
~ Nope.

8. Get at least one Wellie Wisher!
~ Nope.
9. Get at least one A Girl for All Time doll!
~ Nope.

10. Get a doll youtube!
~ Nope.
 11. Get a doll instagram!
~ Nope.

12. Get the rest of the Lea items I want!
Beach Accessories + Beach Picnic Set + girl satchel.
~ Nope. I'm planning on grabbing the first two on Amazon soon, though.
13. Post on my doll blog at least once every two weeks!
~ No words needed.
 14. Buy a doll thing off Craigslist!
~ Didn't happen either. Hopefully I'll be able to this year!

15. Bring a doll with me on vacation!
~ Nope. I was away working at summer camp for 2 months, and then my sister got mono right before I got home, so we didn't take a fall vacation because she was sick for 2 months. 

16. Decorate for another birthday party with my doll stuff!
~ Didn't happen. It almost did while I was working at summer camp, but it never did work out.
17. Get a Journey Girls doll!

~ Nope.

Well, that was awkward... But stay tuned for a 2018 Doll New Years Resolutions post!


Saturday, October 28, 2017

Gabriela Photoshoot || Celebration + Take Flight Performance Outfits

Ayo! My family had a "stay-cation" (aka my Dad taking the week off) and we were doing day trips, and AG had their one day $15 sale for lots of stuff, so to Alderwood Mall we went! I grabbed both Gabi outfits, both Tenney outfits, Logan's outfit, and both of Maryellen's outfits.
   I don't have any of those dolls except for Miss Gabriela, so out into the October sun we went for a quick photoshoot!

Gabriela's Take Flight Performance Outfit $34 (I got it for $15)

I've decided that Gabi has a thing for wearing headbands across her forehead. I love the look on her, and it stays very well on her head!

Gabi walks to her performance, and she can't forget her bag!

Gabriela's Celebration Outfit $36 (I also got this for $15)

This really is a lovely piece, the criss-cross part is a little bit strange, though

"Don't you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine." ~ Taylor Swift "Ours"

"City of Stars, are you shining just for me?" ~ La La Land

Thanks for looking!



Friday, September 15, 2017

Name Help! Hearts for Hearts Shola Twins

Hey guys!

   So awhile ago I found a lovely Shola Hearts for Hearts doll at the thrift store, and even though I had her, I purchased her so that I could have twins. They were Rebeka's sisters, Hadassah {Hadi} and Sophia {Sophie} {based on Rebeka's book sisters, Sadie and Sophie}.
   But then Nanea came out, and she's got dark hair and hazel eyes, and I thought, "why not have Hadi and Sophie be Nanea's sisters? They look more like her than they look like Rebeka, anyway." So off to the forties they went!
   But they don't have names! I've read Nanea's books, and three of her friends are name Donna, Lily, and Dixie, so I thought that Dixie and Donna might be cute, but I was trying to find Hawaiian names for them instead. Dixie and Donna might be their first names and they could have Hawaiian middle names like in Nanea's books {her real name is Alice Nanea}. I'm having a tough time coming up with names, so if you guys want to take a shot, I'd love to hear your suggestions! I would like their names, whether typical forties names or Hawaiian, to start with the same letter and sound good together, and sound good with the last name Mitchell.

{I'm crabby about this picture because formerly Sophie, left, had a hair across her face and I spent like a half an hour editing it out, and it turns out the picture before this one is a lot better, and has no hair to edit out 😠}

Thanks in advance,

Willow and the Mitchell Twins

Monday, September 11, 2017

Meet Gabriela || GOTY 2017

I got Gabriela because of the 3x Rewards Points on September 4th, with the money I earned from working at Camp!

I adore her, she's so cute!

I got her, her accessories and pajamas. I also got her ears pierced.

I personally think she looks quite different from my other two Sonali molds, Sonali herself and Cecile.

I really love my Gabriela, and highly recommend her!

Let me know if you like these pictures!


Willow and Gabriela